10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Drink Matcha Tea

Tea is becoming popular because it has so many health benefits. Some experts claim you should drink matcha tea. Others argue for Chinese oolong tea to be the best for your health. However, it might be beneficial to drink both or at least, look at the health benefits of each and decide what you need more.

  1. Digestive Issues -- If you are suffering from stomach ailments, including irritated bowel syndrome, you should pick oolong tea. It is known for keeping the digestive tract healthy. You also would have low risks for abdominal pain if you choose oolong tea. However, you could get diarrhea with either drink.

  2. Heart Issues -- Go for matcha tea if you are having problems with your heart. Matcha is beneficial for kidneys, lungs and heart. It can lower your cholesterol. In addition, your immune system would be improved. Be careful to talk with your physician, first, because one of the side effects is cardiac arrhythmia.

  3. Brain Benefits -- You can choose either one. Both drinks will give you a boost in mental alertness and mind stimulation. If you want energy boost or a memory improvement, matcha is the one you want. If you need to reduce stress, oolong is better. Matcha will calm you while oolong will improve your mental health performance. It is likely that matcha could prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s. Oolong might be better for those with depression.

  4. Weight Loss -- Both oolong and matcha are good to maintain your body weight or if you want to shed some pounds. They function differently, though. For example, matcha will boost your metabolism. Oolong will control your weight by bringing your digestive tract in balance and reduce cravings.

  5. Cancer Prevention -- You can fight cancer with both matcha and oolong. However, oolong has the added benefit of attacking diabetes mellitus. They fight cancer with antioxidants.

  6. Tooth Decay -- Oolong is the winner if you want to prevent gingivitis or tooth decay. The tea is well-known in helping your teeth and gums.

  7. Detox the Body -- If your goal is to eliminate toxins in your body, matcha is better for this. It is known to eliminate the toxins that have become plentiful in your body.

  8. Fight Osteoporosis -- Oolong is the one you want to fight osteoporosis. It strengthens your bones and gives you better balance.

  9. Grow Hair -- If you want to grow hair or make your hair healthier, oolong is the tea that is good for growing hair.

  10. Anti-Aging Skin Care -- Both teas will give your skin more vitality. Because they are both packed with vitamins, the skin improves. Matcha is linked to anti-aging. Oolong is shown to improve the skin.


As you can see, if you drink both matcha and oolong regularly, you will be able to have overall wellness. You will help your heart, digestion, skin, immune system and more body functions. You would get the most weight-control opportunities and be healthier.                           


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