10 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent

When it comes to growing a successful business it's no surprise that having the top industry talent on board is a necessity. However, finding and keeping that top talent is a large part of the battle. Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 attributes a business should have to attract and retain the top talent in their industry.

1.) Leaders Who Have Integrity

People want to work for a company that has employees who are proud to be working there. They want to align their views with people who honor integrity and uphold the values of the business. This includes the business founders, top executives, and managers. So be sure to talk about your company leaders, and inform your employees when there are leadership changes. Check out this post by Nu Skin as a good example of leadership transparency. 

2.) Opportunity For Career-Growth

Having a well-developed strategy for career growth for all positions in the company is necessary. Potential candidates want to know what they can work towards and how to get there. The idea of potential growth in a new job is imperative. 

3.) Professional Development Potential

Just as people want to progress in their personal development they want the same possibility to progress in their professional development. In fact, companies that don't offer any forms of professional development for their employees are the ones that lose those employees to competitors that do. Make sure you invest in your employees.

4.) Have A Clear Company Purpose and Mission

For the top talents, it's not about working for a paycheck. They want to work for a purpose that's bigger than themselves. Having a clearly laid out company purpose and mission statement will help potential candidates decide if their own values align.

5.) Participate In Community Outreach

People enjoy working for a business that values more than just profits. Companies that give back to their community and actively participate in philanthropy make employees proud to be a part of them.

6.) Team Working Environment

Everyone enjoys being part of a high-performance team. Potential hires want to be immersed in a team-oriented environment where everyone is working towards the company purpose. If there are large numbers of employees and leaders that disregard team atmosphere and work for the purpose of bettering themselves only, potential hires can pick that up right when they walk through the door.

7.) Innovation and Creative Thinking 

Workers want to be motivated and feel like they are moving forward. Having a company that is truly innovative in both technology and in company processes is highly attractive to top talents. Take Salesforce and Tesla Motors, for example. These companies are constantly innovating and find themselves on the Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies include Salesforce.com and Tesla Motors. People like to be creative thinkers. Offering company or community improvement projects is a must. This will increase team-building while allowing your employees to express their creativity.

8.) Market Your Business To Potential Hires

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when trying to hire the best in the industry is making their job listing unappealing. If you just upload a basic job listing to online websites or short descriptions on your own website, don’t be surprised if you get some less than stellar applicants. Top talents will not be invigorated to join a boring team.

To gain the best talent you need to market your business to them. Show potential hires why they should work for you. Nu Skin Company reviews on Glassdoor are a great example of this. Remember that top talent will be interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them.

9.) Rewards and Recognition

People want to feel appreciated. By having a rewards program set up you can express to new candidates the way your business values its employees. This doesn't always have to be monetary rewards; it could just be simple praise for a good job in a company email, newsletter, or social media post.

10.) Workplace Flexibility

People highly value a good work-life balance. By providing employees with freedom and flexibility, they will feel a sense of empowerment and trust from the company. This flexibility could be in the dress code, schedules, and options to work from home. By allowing a more even balance, productivity will skyrocket.

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