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Knowledgeable and well-trained employees are vital to the success of any restaurant. When the employees are trained correctly, it helps to ensure food gets to the table on time, and it directly impacts customer satisfaction.

In the technologically-driven world of today, online training is becoming an increasingly popular method for staff training. We’ve researched 12 of the best employee training websites to help get the best out of your restaurant team.    

State Food Safety

When it comes to online food safety training for your restaurant employees, statefoodsafety.com is one of the leading resources. The site offers a variety of certificates on subjects, including food management, food handling and even the serving of alcohol. A unique aspect of State Food Safety is their training on the different food allergens that restaurant employees should be familiar with when serving food.

Five Star Training

The crew that heads Five Star Training has been helping restaurant staff and owners create successful operations for more than 25 years, and they have a sterling reputation. The Five Star Training website also offers seminars for employees to attend to learn the concepts of the industry. In addition, the website has an extensive collection of documentation, such as forms and manuals that can be accessed by employees hoping to touch up on their skills.

Simon Advisory Group

Located at vsag.com, the Simon Advisory Group is a website with a plethora of resources for both the restaurant and hospitality businesses. The site focuses on training management and executives on the steps required to develop a restaurant staff that will exceed industry expectations.

Vsag.com offers a wide variety of facets, including restaurant consulting services, purchasing restaurant equipment like a Hobart meat slicer and tips on how to recruit employees. One concept that separates it from the rest is the focus it has on the marketing aspects of being in the restaurant business.



One of the foremost websites for restaurant employee training is restaurant.org. The website covers an array of topics, such as managing techniques and how to create a positive culture within the restaurant. In addition, the website has loads of information on food and nutrition, including ways to create vegan meals and tips on staying healthy.

Wait Trainer

Concentrating on training for wait staff, Wait Trainer provides a vast resource of information that can be specially tailored toward the type of restaurant in which the staff will work. For instance, waitrainer.com has categories that include fast food, casual dining and table service. If you are wanting to get your wait staff prepared, there are few websites as valuable as waitrainer.com, especially with the webinars they offer.

Waiter Student

The primary concept behind Waiter Student is the training of staff who are new to the industry. This site is free, so you don’t have to budget for staff training! Waiterstudent.com walks users through each step to becoming a successful restaurant employee.


As the name suggests, restaurantowner.com is dedicated to helping restaurant owners create a thriving business. Packed with information on the steps needed to open and operate a restaurant, the website can help your dreams become a reality by offering financial advice to those getting ready to invest in a new restaurant. The site provides free information, and there is also a premium paid service for additional resources.

The Restaurant Boss

With a name like The Restaurant Boss, you know you will find valuable material regarding training your restaurant employees. A major benefit of this site is the extensive collection of videos that make learning even easier and provide walkthroughs for a variety of situations. In line with these videos, therestaurantboss.com has a 5-step-training model that employees can follow in order to become more efficient servers.


Class Marker

Providing advice on training employees in the restaurant business is a specialty of Class Marker, which offers free services, in addition to a paid plan for extended learning. Not only will the website help train the staff, but it also has a recruitment tool that will assist during the onboarding process.

This includes pre-employment tests that are designed to assess an employee's skill level prior to starting the job, which helps to place the workers in the best position for their skill sets. There is also a selection of certificates users can earn to demonstrate they have proven abilities in the service industry.

Serve Safe

If you are looking for a website that focuses on the aspects of safe food handling, consider using Serve Safe. The site provides links to various classes and seminars that are dedicated to the food service field. They have an extensive resource center for restaurant employees to brush up on their skills.

In Summary

If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, you know how important it is to have properly trained employees. There is a great selection of online resources that provide assistance in all aspects of employee training.

Investing the time to train your staff makes them feel appreciated and valued. But most of all, a well-trained employee can help to make your business a success.

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