12 Reasons Why Plantronics Office Headsets Take Your Business Communication At New Level?

Choosing a headset for leisure and choosing one for business purposes are two very different decisions. When you are choosing a headset to use at work, it has to be a serious decision based on important factors including sound quality and reception caliber. Plantronics is a reputed brand that has been producing high quality headsets for official usage. There is no doubt that Plantronics office headsets enhance business communication standards on a major scale.

Here are 12 of the many reasons why people prefer Plantronics headsets to use at work.

  1. Clarity of calls


For most people who use headsets at work, communication is an integral part of their job description. Using a headset with substandard call quality simply results in low standard communication. In other words, such headsets hamper the working performance of an employee. The call quality offered by Plantronics headsets is simple incomparable and this helps working employees in carrying on their official communication in a smooth uninterrupted manner.


  1. Level of Comfort and ease of wearing


Whether you talk about wired headsets or wireless ones, Plantronics does not disappoint the customers in terms of comfort. All headsets produced by the company are light weighted and they do not exert stress on any part of the human body. Most headsets produced by other companies do not have any mechanism for prevention of health hazards including long term damage to the neck. This is not the case if you are using Plantronics headsets.


  1. Facility to block background noises


For smooth business communication, it is important there are no background sounds causing disturbance. A lot of Plantronics wireless headsets including CS 510 and Voyager CS have a high class noise cancellation feature. In other words, background sounds are automatically blocked. Some of the headsets by Plantronics have on demand noise cancellation option. This proves to be helpful if the user wants to listen to announcements without taking off his headset.

  1. Suitable battery spans and recharging duration


Charging the headset every now and then can prove to be a cumbersome process. Thus, for official purposes, you need to opt for headsets that have a good battery standby time. Most Plantronics wireless headsets have a battery span of 6 to 8 hours or even more. Thus, when you are having important company meetings or you are busy answering important customer queries, you do not need to worry about your device running out of power. Along with that, these headsets do not need to be recharged for lengthy time spans.


  1. DECT 6.0 technology


There is no doubt that a lot of users are not aware of DECT technology. This feature prevents important official calls from getting affected by signals of Wifi connections. Most wireless headsets by Plantronics have DECT 6.0 technology so that users can communicate comfortably during official hours.


  1. Bluetooth connectivity


At work, having headsets with Bluetooth connectivity is important it gives you the option to move about and talk. Sitting on the chair in the same posture is not healthy in medical terms. Plantronics is an amazing option when you talk about Bluetooth connectivity range. Some of the headsets including the CS 530 have a Bluetooth range of 350 feet.


  1. Durability


Wireless headsets do not have extremely low prices. Thus, when you are selecting one, you should be sure that the device would last for a decent time span. The hearing devices manufactured by Plantronics are durable and do not tear down after short time spans. Along with that, some of the products recommended for exercising come along with nano coating. This prevents color from coming of due when the headset is subjected to sweat or any other form of moisture.


  1. Multiple wearing styles


Plantronics headsets are used by different categories of users according to their requirements. Users look for different wearing styles to match their preferences. Plantronics is one of the few companies that wearing styles to match different professional needs. For instance, call center professionals opt for “over the head” style while stock brokers opt for “on the ear” style. All wearing styles offered by Plantronics are easy to carry and comfortable to wear.


  1. Sound Guard Technology


It is an undoubted fact that sudden sound spikes can cause irreparable damage to the human ear. In worst cases, these spikes can even make the listener deaf. However, Plantronics ensures that its users do not face any kind of hearing damage problem. Headsets produced by this company are equipped with sound guard technology. This prevents sound spikes from affecting the human ear adversely. Along with that, sound guard technology keeps the sound frequency below a maximum limit.


  1. Easy to use controls


It is hard to use a headset when the user has to search for controls every now and then. Plantronics users do not have to search for controls because they are placed in conveniently. For instance, some headsets have controls on ear controls. Thus, when you have an incoming call or you want to play a music file, you can use the controls in any easy manner.


  1. Specific models for different professional needs


Each professional requires the user to use a different kind of headset. As a company, Plantronics has produced headsets that cater to the needs of different professions. For instance, if you are some related to the stock market or insurance industry and you need to talk while being on the move, you can choose from the variety of headsets having the “on the ear” design and a good wireless range. Similarly, call center professionals can choose from various headsets having the “on the head” wearing style.


  1. Whisper alerts about the battery status


At work, most headset users do not have the time to check the battery status of their wireless headsets. As soon as your headset starts running out of power, you would be alarmed about it through audio alerts. In this way, users do not have to worry about the battery status while performing their professional tasks.

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