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Mobile Devices has become the most used devices out of other electronic devices. Compare to the earlier time, there are 3.7 billions of unique users according to Jan 2018[1]now but back then there were only countable mobile users and technology is also developing rapidly.

A decade ago, there were limited facilities through the phones but now we experience that almost services and information is accessible from mobile while doing our personal work.

Around 8-10 years back, E-commerce had too much importance but this is not the scenario today. E-commerce has transformed in M-commerce. Let's take the example of another category website: Businesses had websites only for PC browser but today more than 90% sites have also accelerated mobile pages for compatibility on mobile devices and not lose the lead.

There is more than 56.64% traffic through mobile internet users out of total global internet users. With this much mobile users, you cannot ignore them if you want to take your business ahead.

Mobile devices have become the best platform for business. You need a proper strategy implementation for converting lead into a customer. After bringing the customer to your website, it is important that how long he/she resides on your site so this will affect my site speed and navigation too.

There are always new marketing tactics but still, there are many which really important and stay always alive.

Let's have look at these tactics of mobile advertisement:

1. Identify Your Target Audiences: Before act for mobile advertisement, you need to identify right audience for your business that which audiences can be your customers. Never shoot with blind eyes, first know your customers by many parameters like their age, country or region based etc.

While your target them prepare an agenda for proper results because if your analysis fails then mobile users react instantly and can harm to brand name if target the wrong customers and bear the negative reviews.

Do you need to research about that what type of behavior your customers have by what type of mobile applications they use more frequently? Do they use mobile phone or tablets? Gather the answers to these questions before starting up any campaign.

2. Analytics Use: You must have got a question in your mind that how analytics will work for mobile advertisement but it is true. Because analytics let you decide many factors for your campaigns and prepare a base for advertisement campaigns.

3. Right Ad Format at Right Platform: Mobile advertisement should be in right format means keeping your Ad in summary mode using perfect content, customer engaging image so the user finds it useful in the first place.

Right Ad at right platform means that you should use advertisement at customer’s most frequent place like if they like to spend time on social media then put your advertisement there or if they spend their much time on games then show ad while playing games.

4. Banner Ads: Banner advertisements are an inevitable part of the mobile advertisement. Banner ads have not been proved always fruitful but after inconsistency of results, still, it might be fruitful for your business.

5. Don’t Forget Your Goal: Your goal is your passion and desire. To achieve your goal, it is expected to have the vital strategy. You should include KPIs in your target goal. Ovum study says that KPIs can be one of the following:

  1. Sales
  2. Social Media Likes or Shares
  3. Searches
  4. Click Through Rate
  5. Email Sent

6. Keep Your Call To Action Simple: If you are using Call to Action for mobile advertisement then just keep it simple as much as you can like just ask for simple signup for newsletter or button for action instead of asking them to fill a form because usually people just skip this kind of ads which consume their time.

7. Timing is the Key: Timing is everything for promoting your advertisement. Choose the timing which does not annoy your consumers. You should show ads either in the beginning or in the last. For Example: if someone is playing a game and you have just shown your ad between running game then he/she would only hate your business because you have disembodied his/her activity of interest.

8. Social Media: According to Statista, there are 2.62 billion social media users worldwide so you can think of yourself where social media can take you? So go for advertisement on social media apps and seal the opportunity of bringing visitors to your site and convert them into customers. So running your ad at social media apps can be one of the best options.

9. Responsive Ads: Responsiveness of advertisement is important for the customers because statistics say that more than 75% people use mobile devices and rest of visitors come through other devices like desktops, tabs etc. So the Ads should be responsible for every device so you don't lose any customer.

Responsive means that content fits on the screen and view-able at one time and you don't have to scroll it horizontally and zoom in to view.

10. Ad Extensions: Google Provides the amazing facility called Ad extension for Ad-words. It is studied that whichever Google Ad-words uses the ad extensions get more click-through rates. Ad extensions make your ads more engaging and useful for the customer. 

Could not understand? Watch this video to know more about ad extension: 

11. Refine your Targets: Refining target brings down the PPC cost. You should only focus on your consumers and set the parameters to target. For example: Device, Location, Age etc. You should influence only relevant consumers who might be interested in your product or service otherwise irrelevant visitor will only increase your Ad-words cost nothing else.

12. Keep it Simple: Keep your ad sober and dormant so the visitors have consolidated experience. If you will your Ads this way, people will surely follow your ads.

13. A/B Testing: A/B testing is the one of the most important testing and useful for identifying the product. In A/B testing, you will have to run two different ads to analyze that which one is more productive.

It will help you to decide that which Ad is fruitful for your business and get the most CTR.

Conclusion: There are many other points which can be useful but these 13 key points are major one you need to care for maximum converting leads to conversion. 

If you are running Google Ads and not getting the expected results then you should surely use these 13 strategies/tips for boosting CTR of your Ad campaign.

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