15 Important Tools for Effective Digital PR

The Public Relations Industry is rapidly evolving from traditional methods to an improved form, thanks to technology. Digital PR is now being embraced by businesses to leverage the wider reach of the internet. This involves making use of online content marketing, social media, blogs, vlogs, and search.

For effective public relations using digital media, there are certain tools that are invaluable. These tools help to make work easier and also increase lead generation. Some of these tools include:


Cision PR software is a media platform that provides insight on trending topics. It identifies relevant social conversations and provides an opportunity to connect with about 1.6 million users. Its other features also include monitoring digital and print outlets, sending press releases through email or web, and increased efficiency in producing real-time reports. Cision also provides users with advanced distribution, tracking, and analysing features to improve digital PR.


This is a Gmail Plugin. The tool helps PR pros to control and manage their email inbox. With the help of this tool, emails can be scheduled to reach the user inbox at the required time. Boomerang helps you to decide and set a convenient time for replying to emails.


Buzzstream makes it easier to search for the best influencers, find contact information, and identify social media profiles. This tool also helps with safeguarding emails and tweets. It is considered one of the best source providers for backlinks. It is a great tool for companies to achieve a strategic and coordinated PR outreach.


This particular tool is good for better writing and organization of content. It can be used to take notes during meetings or seminars and store articles and ebooks. You can also use Evernote to plan and organise your content creation calendar. Users consider the tool helpful in nearly every step during content creation and scheduling.


This tool helps communication teams to speed up their workflow. It creates room for an online news hub where you can publish your story. It helps brands to create a better and more attractive online newsroom. With Prezly you can also create a platform for reaching out to stakeholders through attractive multimedia emails. Prezly is widely regarded as the best method of communication between brands and stakeholders.

Answer the Public

When you search anything on Bing or Google, suggestions are received from commonly searched topics. These suggestions provide an insight into the emotions of the average search user.  Answer the Public tracks and collects this data and then converts it to easily readable charts and graphs. These can then be digested quickly and used to find good content topics. It is a highly recommended resource for content marketing.

Hemingway App

This tool has editing features.  It points out grammatical errors and improves content readability. It also helps to analyse content and predict performance. Hemingway App points out long and complex sentences and offers ways to make them simpler. The app also gives more descriptive words for a sentence and is great for improving outreach messages.


This tool helps to increase the reach of your content through proper Search engine optimisation strategies. It provides a strong backlink profile and also identifies a primary search rank factor. Synapse also helps you increase reach using PPC and Google Display Ads. It is one of the most useful tools for digital PR and online marketing.


This tool has visual display features. Most people react better to videos than to written content. Govideo helps to create videos for content marketing purposes. This tool also notifies you when it is being watched and enables you to follow up. It connects you to other team members through videos too. Govideo aids in the sharing of videos through emails and social media.


This is a Gmail plugin that enables you to see which of your email marketing recipients opened your email. With Mailtrack.io, you keep track of your open rate and enhance targeted email marketing. The extension works on your Gmail inbox interface and has a free version.

Quick Search

It is a powerful and user-friendly search engine. It plugs into social media channels, looks for trends or a particular topic you have an interest in. It then pulls out contents on it for you. Quick search is recommended to help create trendy content that will be well-received by the consumers.


It is a tool used for graphics and designing. It is used for creating infographics, blog images and other designs for marketing purposes. It also has inbuilt templates which help you come up with good designs, even as an amateur. Canva offers online tutorials and courses on design creation too.


BuzzSumo helps you to identify trendy topics in any niche. It provides most shared content, sets up alerts for you, and tracks your competitors. With this tool, you can find influencers across social media platforms too. BuzzSumo has a data filtration feature that filters contents into videos, posts and infographics among others.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free media monitoring tool offered by Google. It helps you set up passwords and phrases. You get email alerts with relevant news stories and articles. Google Alerts suggests articles to you based on your preferences. This software tool is easy to set up and manage.


Pexels is a media database with lots of free stock photos. It allows you to search for appropriate images using keywords for your marketing campaign. With these images, you add visual appeals to your content and engage readers better. You also contribute to the database when you add your stock photos.


Grammarly is an online proofreader and editor. The tool tracks and compares your writing with users across the globe. It identifies redundant words and offers writing/spelling suggestions. You can use Grammarly to score your writing, make edits, and improve your grammar.


These tools offer a wholesome digital PR package. They help you in content management, content planning, writing and editing, design, monitoring, analysis, promotion, and outreach.

There is no effective PR achieved without the use of proper tools. They increase efficiency, generate better leads, and promote smooth campaigns.  Without proper digital PR, you will have a hard time carrying out your content marketing campaign.

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