3 Dos & Don’ts of Setting Up an Online Business!


“I want to have my online business” – is a great thought to have. It is a sign that you have an entrepreneurial psyche. But talk to someone who already has an established online business and they will give you a whole list of things that they wish would not have done. I believe that setting up an online business is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of aspects you need to consider. After all, the decisions that you make initially will have a huge impact on your business at later stages.

So, before you think, “Big deal! I just need to pay $12 for a domain name, choose a free website template, and get going”; consider these dos and don’ts

Let us start with the Dos first.

1. Have a business plan

Remember the adage “Look before you leap”? Well, it kind of applies here. Before setting up an online business, you need to understand that a business plan is the blueprint for your business.

2. Know Your Audience

First, you need to define your target audience and conduct a survey to find out how you can meet the needs of your customers.

3. Accept Criticism

Let us say someone advises you to hire a dedicated Magento developer and get your website developed in Magento. With Magento, you get to have all the solutions that an e-shop would need. So, listen to the feedbacks as it will help you understand your customers, offer a better product, and provide better customer services.

Now, let us talk about the don’ts:

1. Do Not Procrastinate the Launch

Practice how to create a product, generate a buzz, set targets, and launch it on time. Approach an ecommerce web development company to help you if you want. Only then, you will start generating revenues.

2. Do Not Have Unrealistic Expectations

There is no such thing as an overnight success. If you think you had misconceptions about certain aspects, rework on your original plans.

3. Do Not Ape Your Competitors

During the initial years after my business launch if someone asked me a question like, “Why should we choose you for Magento Ecommerce Website Development?” I used to give generic answers like “’Coz we’re better than our competitors.” But later, I realized that such generic reasons do not work anymore. It is very important to stand out from your competitors and offer them with something unique each time.

Winding up:

One needs to ensure that one indulges into best practices before launching a business. So, conduct R&D about your industry, try to know about your competitors, come up with a fantastic business plan and above all, know what not to do when setting up an online business.

The above-mentioned dos and don’ts are stemming out of my experiences. It does not mean what works for you will work for me.

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Comment by Steven Mathews on May 30, 2018 at 4:13am

Also you need to work with website and marketing.


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