3 Major Benefits to Becoming a Software Developer

In this modern global economy it can be difficult to find a career that's both exciting and stable. Fortunately software development is a seemingly perpetually growing field, and is in near constant demand the world over. But why should one choose to enter this field when there's so much to choose from? What are the benefits (both immediate and long-term) of becoming a developer? Here's three that may help you make up your mind:

  1. Creative Outlet

Many think that being creative is integral to job satisfaction and general well being, though a lot of people tend to have a narrow view for what qualifies as creative. When someone says they work in a creative industry, for example, we almost always assume they're an artist, writer, or musician. But software development also allows for a tremendous creative freedom. Problem solving and project management require tremendous amounts of creativity, with outside the box thinking being highly prized. Further specializing yourself into game development offers the most freedom, the next big thing in games could be an idea in your head right now! Many famous and influential game developers got their start in basic software development, though game design is only one potential path your career could take.

  1. Career Stability and Freedom

Software powers almost everything in our modern connected world. From the phones in everyone's hands to the newest fridges and cars. Having a solid grasp of software development largely means the ability to work where you want, and to always have something else on the horizon. Being in high demand also comes with high pay, and gives you much greater leverage when negotiating salary and benefits. Software development offers a wide range of specialties to choose from, all with different levels of intensity and stability. Choose something you find interesting, like web development or engineering software, whatever strikes your fancy. Software development is also as close to future proof as careers get these days. Software is, after all, only going to become more prevalent as our world becomes increasingly connected.

  1. Working Alone or in a Team

Software development offers the freedom to work how you want, while the old stereotype of the lone programmer coding away in his dark basement is still possible, it's also just as likely that you'll be working as part of a large team. Everyone pooling their skills and abilities to create the best possible software. These teams can be as small as two (pair programming has become quite popular in recent years), to ranging into the hundreds, depending upon the complexity and size of the project. These teams can range from fellow software developers to project managers, programmers, software testers, and more. They all have a part to play in helping the team to succeed, and many of them will need your help. Of course there's lots of options if you want to tackle projects solo, with many professionals even choosing to work from home for maximum comfort.

If you curious about development but aren't sure it's for you, remember that it's easy to give programming a try if you're not sure you'll enjoy it. There are tons of resources out there for someone just looking to get started and play around, and many schools and professional courses encourage you 'try before you buy' to make sure you'll take to it. As it is committing to learning is easier than ever, with college courses, online classes, night schools, and more all offering software development courses. As an industry development has a very good average pay, which means that you can expect solid earnings quickly once you become proficient. Overall software development can be a demanding, but also highly rewarding profession (both personally and monetarily). It's great as both a first and a new career, just find a good simple introduction and give it a try.

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