3 Reasons to Treat Your Office Space as an Investment

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How would you describe your office space? Does it inspire your workforce? Does it foster communication? Would you say the atmosphere is vibrant and energetic? If the answer is no, then it may be time to update and invest in your company's work-space.

It can be easy to put off a redesign, as you focus your time on core business activities and growing your enterprise. However, with the majority of our waking hours often spent at work, the office environment can have a huge impact on your employees.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you need to invest in your office space.

Happiness and Productivity

You may offer your employees great salary and benefits, but that alone may not be enough and does not necessarily mean that your staff are productive or happy. You may be surprised to learn that office design can a adversely affect the morale of your workforce. The good news is that redesigning and opening up spaces for collaboration and communication can boost relations between your employees and create more of a team spirit.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

You are looking to recruit a new marketing coordinator. You have interviewed the perfect candidate, but a competitor has their eye on them, too. Your competitor has bright, open offices, with lots of natural light, modern design and proudly displays their branding. But your office space is laid out in small confined working areas, with dark flooring and walls. In which environment do you think they would prefer to work? Office design can really influence how well your company is able to hire and retain staff.

Brand Perception

Similarly, your office decor speaks volumes about your brand. When a potential client comes to your office for a meeting, they will form a judgement of your business within seconds. If they walk in to a bright, airy and well-designed work space, where employees are collaborating on a project, their impression is likely to be good. However, if the paint is peeling and lights are flickering, visitors may perceive a lack of attention to detail, damaging brand confidence.

The design of your office space is very important for many reasons. Not only can a neglected work environment hinder the productivity of your employees, it can also damage your ability to attract new talent and even effect brand perception. I did a lot of searching around office space in London, eventually finding a few good companies that can get you a great idea of office space available. Try BE Offices to get a great market snapshot in order to boost your business, impress with a serviced office, or invest in an redesign.

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