3 Terms People Confuse Use Experience With

User experience is an area in which businesses today are becoming increasingly focused on. There isn’t an official definition for user experience, however, and people often confused user experience with other terms. Below are 3 things user experience is not.


User interface

User experience design and user interface design are often placed side-by-side. However, these two terms do not mean the same thing. While user experience designers figure out the flow of how a customer would use their product, user interface designers try to establish an emotional connection with the customers. In another words, UX designers get the users to their end goal of using a certain product in the simplest way possible, while UI designers add the finishing touches to make the users feel good about a certain product. Sometimes, people see user interface as part of user experience since user experience can also be defined as all the aspects in which a user interact with a certain product.


Usability is something UX designers have to keep in mind in the process of their work. Usability is the effectiveness and efficiency in which users achieve a certain goal or goals in the process of their interaction with the product. However, whether a user was able to use the product to achieve certain ends is different from whether or not he or she is satisfied with the product. That is where user experience comes in.

Customer experience

User experience is product specific, while customer experience extends to the brand and to the whole company. As an example, a customer may be satisfied with a certain product he or she got from the store, but may be unhappy with the store due to bad customer services, long lines, etc. Of course, both are extremely important to a company’s success. 





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