3 Tips for a Growing Your MLM Downline at a Rapid Pace

While multi level marketing businesses provide opportunities for regular people to earn a side income or even create their own business, most people jump into it without the right skills. They lack the skills to sell, recruit, manage teams and market their business. These are the essential skills necessary for building a bigger downline for any kind of MLM business. Here are some solid tips for increasing your downline at a rapid pace.


Tip #1: Use Warm Prospecting Over Hard Selling


The biggest mistake that people make with their MLM business is being aggressive with their sales strategy. Many people in the business are taught to close the sale no matter what. While this go-getter mentality is taught with the best of intentions, executing the strategy can really turn people off. In fact, it can lead to a bad reputation and result in you burning bridges with important people that can actually help you succeed in your business.


The better approach is to use warm prospecting. Start by targeting prospects that are interested like business opportunity seekers and customers of the product/service. Approach your leads by educating them and providing them value instead of being pushy. Be confident about what you have to offer and try to understand the objections from the perspective of your prospects. This will help you hone your message and address the reasons why people are saying no.


Tip #2: Invest in Digital Marketing


One of the best ways to market your business is to use digital marketing. There are many channels that you can use from blogs, social media, paid ads to email marketing to generate leads and traffic. If you're like most people involved with MLM and don't have much of a budget to work with, you can still invest in digital marketing without breaking the bank. It's just a matter of being creative and using the right strategy.


For example, you can advertise on Facebook with only $5 a day. If you test and track your campaigns correctly, you can figure out which of your ads work while limiting your financial risk. You can pair this with email marketing to build relationships and increase your chances of generating sales and new recruits. Another great idea is to create content and repurpose into many different formats like audio, video and downloadable reports. These strategies work especially well for niche MLM opportunities like health supplements, legal services, and mosquito control services because they're based on real products and services.


Tip #3: Develop Recruitment and Marketing Systems


Part of what draws many people to MLM is the fact that your success is based on the success of others. Weirdly enough, many new MLM entrepreneurs don't realize that they really have to work together with the people they've signed up into their downline. There's a misconception that the existing systems supplied by the business will take care of everything. In reality, the key to succeeding with a MLM business is to create custom recruitment and marketing systems that allow you to both help your recruits and build your business in a predictable way.


For example, new leads can be put into an email marketing series to explain the benefits of your opportunity. You can set it up so that you educate the prospect and ask for them to schedule an appointment. This is far better than approaching cold leads and pushing them into a sales presentation. As a matter of fact, the idea can be taken further by creating recruitment systems that train new recruits and teach them how to market the opportunity like you have. By giving people in your downline access these both of these strategies and resources, you'll be able to really accelerate your results.


These three strategies work for every kind of MLM business. The reason why is because the fundamentals of marketing and systems remain the same for most business models. It's all about generating sales, recruiting new people and marketing the product/service in a predictable way.

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