As a manager, you have so many tasks to complete and employees to supervise. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and completely in over your head. Steps you can take to get you and keep you on track with all of your responsibilities include the following:


Take a long, hard look at everything you need to accomplish each day. Then prioritize by putting each task in writing listed in the order of importance. Cross off each item when you have completed it. When you finish the day, review your list and make sure you have accomplished the most important items on your agenda. Cross off those tasks that you realize that you really do not need to do. Transfer those which were not completed to the next day's agenda. The satisfaction you get from crossing accomplished tasks off of your list will leave you feeling good about yourself and how much you have been able to do despite interruptions, distractions, and sometimes chaos.

Maintain separate lists for those tasks which must be completed within the week, within the month, and within the year and apply the same concepts. You will be pleasantly surprised at your accelerated production levels.


The mark of a truly great manager is his ability to delegate. If you can utilize the skills and talents of those who work for you, you will find yourself with so much more time and freedom on your hands. Not only will those staff members grow and learn new skills, but they will also feel that you trust them with tasks and duties that challenge and elevate them.

There are many individuals in management who attempt to micromanage their employees. Standing over workers while they attempt to finish tasks or services takes time that managers just do not have. Micro-managers spin their wheels in frustration over the amount of work they have to do and spend hours of time on menial jobs. They will also rob their own employees of the opportunities to show what they are capable of and the chance to grow in their own careers.

Hire Highly Qualified Individuals

Some managers like to hire weak employees because they feel that it makes them look strong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Realizing that the only way your department is going to look strong and ready to handle just about anything is to hire the very best personnel available. Effective managers are the first to admit when some of their employees have skill levels that exceed their own in certain areas. They do not let their pride get in the way of having highly capable and very talented members on their teams.

For example, if your weakness is numbers, and you have an opening for an individual in project accounting, you should do your best to find the most qualified person for the job. Then you know that you will not have to worry about that one part of the department. Many managers take the opposite view- they are so afraid that they will look weak when they have an individual who may know more about a specific area of the company than they do. This is a very destructive thought process and can have a negative impact on the bottom line especially when a less talented person is given the job.

As you can see, there are ways and means to keep yourself from becoming overloaded with work and responsibilities. Following these tips and suggestions will assure that you are getting things done and that your department will shine with high levels of teamwork and productivity.

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