Avaya is one of the top companies dealing in business phones. To get optimum performance out of this phone, you need to be sure that you have a state of the art headset to support it. Plantronics is one of the few well-known companies that produce high standard headsets for Avaya phones. The company has exclusive headsets that work perfectly with Avaya phones. Here are 3 of the best Avaya wireless headsets that you can look at.

  1. Plantronics CS545-XD Wireless Headset,Unlimited Talk Time

This is one of the most advanced headsets with state of the art features. If you want to get go through the smoothest communication while using your Avaya phone, this is one headset which you should never ignore.

  • The CS545 has a swappable battery feature. In other words, you can switch to an alternate battery if you run out of power. For customer support professionals, this is a handy feature as they are involved in lengthy calls with their customers. With the presence of a swappable battery, they can continue their work without worrying about running out of power.

  • For customer support professionals, using a headset without a noise cancellation feature simply hampers their work performance. The CS545 has a high quality noise cancellation option. In other words, you can communicate with your customers without worrying about being disturbed due to background sounds.

  • Having quality Bluetooth connectivity with a good range is a big advantage and users of CS545 have it. This headset has an impressive Bluetooth range of 350 feet. In other words, you do not have to restrict yourself to the base of the headset. This healthy range allows you to move away from the base and communicate in a comfortable manner.  Along with that, the headset has a digital signal processing feature which helps in providing a smoother communication.

  • For any working employee who uses a headset, it becomes hard to wear the device for long time spans if it is not light weighted. The CS545 is a hearing device with one of the lowest weight. It weighs around 21 grams and customer support professionals are successful in wearing it for long hours without getting tired. Due to less weight, customer support professionals can use this device while sitting in different postures.

  1. Plantronics CS520 Wireless Headset, Binaural Headset

The CS520 is a recommended headset for Avaya phones. Some of the important features of this headset are explained below.

  • It is hard to get a wireless headset that has a continuous talk time of 9 hours. The users of CS520 do not have to be apprehensive about recharging their headset for a long duration of 9 hours. Employees using this headset do not have to even think about their professional progress suffering due to the device running out of power. Along with that, this Plantronics headset can be recharged in a short span.

  • Customer support professionals prefer headsets that allow them to move about and perform their tasks at the same time. The CS520 has an amazing Bluetooth range of 350 feet. Thus, people who use this headset while being at work do not need to restrict themselves by sitting near the base. They can easily move away from their seat and continue their calls at the same time.

  • Noise cancellation facility is a necessity for people who perform their professional tasks in a busy environment. Particularly when you talk about call center professionals, they need headsets which block all kinds of noises present in the environment. The CS520 is a helpful option for call center professionals as it has an impressive noise cancellation feature.

  • At times, your call as a customer support professional may get interrupted due to interference from an external Wi-Fi connection. Users who use the CS520 do not have to go through this problem as the headset has DECT 6.0 technology. This technology helps in blocking all kinds of Wi-Fi interferences on a complete scale.

  • When you are working as a customer support professional, call clarity has a heavy impact on the overall work performance. The sound quality provided by the CS520 is way above a lot of headsets. In other words, client support professionals are able to hear their customers in a clear manner.


  1. Plantronics Encore Pro 540


  • For most customer support professionals, having a lightweight headset is the biggest priority. If you are one of them, the Encorepro 540 would prove to be highly suitable for you.  This is a lightweight headset and call center professionals prefer it as it can be worn for long durations without any problem.

  • The professional performance of people working in the customer support industry depends majorly on how well they handle customer queries. These professionals can only handle customer queries properly if they are able to hear them properly. The Encore 540 has quality noise cancellation options. You can talk to your customers and handle their queries without being disturbed by any background sounds.

  • Every person who uses a headset prefers a wearing style that he is comfortable with. For instance, you would not be comfortable with an in-ear design when you prefer an over the ear design. However, it is quite easy to adjust with a headset if it comes with multiple wearing styles. The Encore 540 is one of the few headsets that come with more than one wearing style. It has 3 design options and you can pick one according to your suitability.

There is no point in purchasing a quality business phone like Avaya when you do not have a high quality headset to go with it. Plantronics is a well-known brand that produces impressive headsets for Avaya phones. These headsets are compatible and help in the establishment of smooth communication. All these headsets maintain very high standards of call quality, sound standard and comfort level. Even with state of the art features, Plantronics headsets do not have prices that cannot be termed as affordable.


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