3 Ways to Kick Goal Setting Into High Gear

We all know we should be focusing on our goals on a regular basis, but the start of a new year carries so much hope and possibility that it's the perfect time to refocus and even start with a clean slate. Still...that doesn't mean goal setting is easy.

One of the biggest challenges with goal setting is often finding the time to sit down, without distractions, and envision what you want to happen over the next year. Then, of course, creating a plan for achieving it isn't always a piece of cake, either.

If this is a challenge you face, here are a few different options for goal setting on a time budget that I've explored that will hopefully give you some new ideas for carving out the time to focus on your goals.

Use 48-Minute Power Sessions

I love this idea for time-challenged entrepreneurs, but it requires an extreme amount of self-discipline. You basically schedule focused 48-minute sessions in your week, and over time, you are able to create goals and a regular process for check-ins. Read about the 48-minute process here.

Plan a Goal-Setting Retreat

Have you ever wished you had a day or two of nothing but time? If so, then you may benefit from a goal-setting retreat. You can take a weekend and lock yourself in your house so you can focus, or even go away for a weekend getaway. The key is quiet, focused time with nothing but your goals.

Hire a Goal-Setting Coach

For those of you who enjoy having a sounding board and accountability partner, a coach might be the best way to "force" yourself into the time you need for your goals and strategies. Or, just team up with a colleague or business partner and commit to keeping each other on track over the next few months.

Whichever route you take for goal setting, the key is to think in terms of short- and long-term goals, then break each one down into small, manageable tasks. If you haven't started yet, it can be overwhelming, but check out these goal setting resources to streamline the process. 

What does your goal setting process look like, and how often do you think about it?

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Comment by Kate Rose on January 4, 2012 at 11:27am

I loved your idea of a goal-setting retreat.  our goals and goal-setting are so important, and we often give them so little time. Thanks for the excellent suggestion!

Comment by Alyssa Gregory on January 4, 2012 at 1:34pm

I agree, Kate. Retreats are especially good if you're the type of person who can't easily pick up and put down projects and planning. Having a couple days, or even a few hours, of uninterrupted time could make a huge difference in goal setting.


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