3 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you’re selling a product to consumers or promoting a service to B2B prospects, the endgame is getting your message in front of the right person at the right time.

There are lots of ways to connect with target audiences. The challenge is how to create connections that drive conversions in a cost-effective way. This task can be especially daunting for entrepreneurs or small business owners, who often must achieve the same goals as their competitors with a bare-bones budget and a skeleton crew. 

According to the State of Small Business Market Report, 45 percent of companies investing in new customer activities and methods. If your among those looking to improve your target audience, read the below tips to help get you started.

Tip #1: Customize your content.

One of the most cost-effective ways to communicate this understanding is to create content customized to your audience. This is something Amazon does particularly well. Go to their home page, and you automatically see suggestions based on what you’ve bought from them or looked at on their site. Amazon shows you they know who you are and what you like, and they don’t waste your time with their never-ending catalog of products, most of which don’t apply to your interests.

This approach can be applied to B2B audiences, too. Let’s say you’re running a digital advertising campaign. If your business provides services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations in a variety of industries, you will want to create a landing page for each specific audience.

Tip #2: Use testimonials to showcase your experience.

Testimonials are another low-cost way to connect with new prospects. Highlighting the ways you’ve helped other customers not only validates your claims, it also helps prospects envision ways you could recreate the same kind of positive results for them.

Testimonials sometimes emerge on their own in the form of kudos, thank you notes or referrals.

You can also solicit testimonials. It doesn’t cost a thing to call one of your valued customers to ask about the value of your service, what you do best and how you’ve helped them specifically. (And you can learn a lot in the process, too!)

After you’ve amassed the feedback you need, consider creating a video to showcase your client testimonials. Not only is video engaging, it’s an easy way to explain the features and benefits of your product or service to new users. 

Tip #3: Be social.

If you’re not already using social media to reach target audiences, start now.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites can make a measurable impact on the sales funnel by getting your company in front of the right people – for free. Many social media platforms even offer targeting tools to take the guesswork out of the process. 

Social media is a proven performer when it comes to conversions. In fact, among companies who shared their social media practices for HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing report, 77% reported acquiring new B2C customers through Facebook, with 43% converting new B2B leads through use of the platform.

If you haven’t tried social to convert sales, consider starting with Instagram. According to a recent report released by research firm L2, Instagram boasts the most engagement and the highest conversion from browser to shopper. The report also shows that 92% of brands that post an average of 5.5 times a week on Instagram increase their customer base.

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