3D Chip Manufacturing is Carried Out with the Help of Wafer Processing

In the aspect of three-dimensional chip manufacturing, TNO acts as the bridge between the capabilities of the equipment developers and designs of device manufacturers. The expert in the field helps the business to speed up the innovation and they play a vital role in the completion of the project from the state of the project concept, which means they travel throughout the journey of concept to implementation. 3D chip manufacturing companies will build a partnership with both sides of the industry to assist them in development, testing, and producing the most advanced 3D chips.

The recent growth in the smartphone production is the ultimate source for the demand in the industry. Advancements in the industry require faster and better performing chips, which consumes less energy. The solution for this lies in the 3D chip manufacturing. It is also called as heterogeneous integration or 3D stacking. TNO’s work in Wafer Manufacturing and processing ensures that the device manufacturers develop the better technology.

Basically, the expertise and the experience will be the connecting factor, which will keep up with the increasing demands for innovation. In some projects, the innovative characteristic of TNO is mobilized in order to accelerate the development of the partner’s devices.

Towards expertise

There are many areas in the 3D chip manufacturing that have to be improved to achieve higher yield, lower cost, and better performance. TNO offers reliable and high-quality solutions, if the firm concentrates on the following aspects.

  • Dicing- the laser-based methods for stealth Dicing ensures the lowest levels of damage and contamination.
  • Pick and place – basically, TNO develops the technology for speedier, more précised devices with reduced impact, using the technologies like advanced megatronics and highly precise and fast vision systems.
  • Deposition and Etching- the expertise in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), and Reactive Iron Etching (RIE) will ensure the removal of material and the most accurate deposit.
  • Reliability testing- TNO has the ability to simulate and calculate the thermal loads in the new chip designs in order to ensure its strength and reliability.

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