4 Best Practical Eye Care Tips and Foods For Healthy Eyes

Eyesight is a gateway for us to this world. If God forbid, this gateway closes someday, there will be only darkness left in our life. So it is better to take care of eyes with these eye care tips before any unpleasant thing with them & we lose this most vital asset of life.

Here are 4 best practical Eye Care Tips and Foods for Healthy Eyes:

1) Several Eye Conditions Run In Family

There are several eye conditions that run in families, so it is very crucial for everyone to know about any specific condition running in families to prevent long-term eye illnesses from occurring in the future. Once one will come to know about any eye illness running in his/ her family, the person can take necessary steps to prevent the ailment. For example, Glaucoma is a very common eye condition running in families and most people are unaware of it.

2) Extra Fat Means Extra Load On Eyes

The eyes of obese and overweight people can’t be as healthy as the eyes of a healthy person. Most of the overweight people in the world suffer from conditions like diabetics, cardiovascular ailments and many other conditions. The eye problems like cataracts, Thyroid eye disease and Exophthalmos are closely linked with the above-mentioned obesity-linked health ailments. So live an active life & work hard to prevent fat from accumulating in your body.

3) Eat A Healthy Diet

If you are really keen to take care of your eyes, then focus on a healthy diet. A food rich in essential nutrients and vitamins will take care of your eyes in a much better way. You should consume green leafy vegetables to prevent cataracts and AMD. A fish diet contains a number of healthy omega- 3 fats. Omega- 3 fats reduce chances of eyes getting dry. You should also include zinc containing diets in your daily food like milk, cheese and poultry.

4) Live An Active Life

Frequent workout and active lifestyle are essential to take care of eyes. Healthy biomass index helps fight cardiovascular diseases and keeps eyes healthy. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle increases chances of Glaucoma. According to a recent research conducted by a group of researchers in the USA, people who exercise daily are 75% less likely to develop degenerative eye diseases like AMD.


Hope you will consider to act on the above mentioned 4 best practical eye care tips and foods for healthy eyes. It is really necessary if you want to take care of your eyes in a better and most easy way.

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