4 Business Trends to Follow in 2019

No one knows the future, especially in business, there are certain things that will continue to positively evolve. Some of them are a bit surprising. That said, it's a safe bet to follow these trends to help your business.

Here are 4 Business Trends to Follow in 2019

Personalized Marketing Will Continue To Grow

The fact that you can send ads to people who've visited your website in hopes of convincing them the second or eighth time around will change marketing. You can expect algorithms to shift in favor of accurate results for consumers. This is very effective because no one wants to be bombarded by the company with relentlessly pushes their ads and content towards them. They would rather see something that relates to them, entertains them that slightly promotes their brand. Instead of pushing a product which you know they need, you aim to be their friend, which is much easier due to the accessibility of analytic data.

Remote Workers Will Become Essential

With the advancements in technology, more employees are able to work as effectively from home. Statistics show the number of employees who work from home has grown by 140% since 2005.Many prefer it compared to a rigid office environment that has distractions. Meanwhile, companies want employee satisfaction, convenience and low overhead. Most companies would rather spend $30K or more per year remote work that pay someone of similar qualification double for the same job. The virtual workspace will continue to be a vital part of most businesses.

Print Media Will Be Revitalized

Instead of thinking about printed news media, consider that consumers will expect companies to have high-quality ads, websites, content, and artwork. If you cover these bases but have a substandard business card, it will hurt you in the long run. This type of work can be inexpensively outsourced. In this day and age, hiring a quality graphic designer is just as simple as ordering a ride home. This doesn't mean go all in on business cards if you issues with customer service or analytics, but the smart companies will utilize every avenue at their disposal. The same graphics you create and post for your company on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be printed.

The Demand for Freelancer Networks Will Dominate

Businesses are seeing the benefits of hiring the best possible freelance workers instead of paying someone who might spend 1-3 hours of their work day on social media. research indicates that 51% of all freelancers state no amount of money would make get them to take a traditional job. And if a freelancer does a bad job, he's fired by everyone, especially people who haven't been hired yet, since the reviews are so important.

Reviews Will Become Even More Important

Research shows that the main factor consumers judge a business on is their star rating. There is a higher chance of a consumer writing a review when they are unsatisfied. While getting a good review from a critic is always a plus, they can easily be outweighed by negative reviews and responses them. Online engagement is a skill that even the smallest companies and entrepreneurs are exercising, and it's just as effective for large companies. In either case, high customer service from a company they make each and every single person feel as if they matter and that is what makes companies grow.

There are many things to take into account, but if you read this a year from now, it should still be accurate. Anything that makes life easier will thrive, and things that don't, won't.

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