4 Life-Changing Signs that You’re in the Right Career Path

So many things can happen at work. Your boss may praise or berate you. Your teammates may do a great or bad job, directly affecting you. Everything may go as you planned or go awry. 

There are people who treat every workday as a test of tolerance. They are the ones who landed on the wrong job, those who already have short fuses when it comes to work. They feel they’re not in the right job and the right careers. This can manifest in bad ways. 

For those who eventually found their passion along with a great job, lucky you; this is the start of your career. And you know it’s the right one because… 

You feel content 

There’s a certain threshold for jobs that you think just aren’t for you. You don’t feel happy, satisfied, and/or content. You imagine every workday as a struggle. That’s a common sign saying you need to quit. 

If you feel, at the very least, content, the feeling of tolerance is lessened. Level up that contentment to satisfaction, even happiness, and you’re significantly better off. 

You enjoy what you do. You have fun when working. You’re more productive than you ever thought you would be. Sounds like the dream job you keep hearing about? Then you’re in the right track. Give yourself a little pat on the back. You deserve it. 

You love talking about it 

There’s a distinct line between ranting about your job and saying good things, perhaps even bragging, about work to your family and friends. Which of the two are you doing more? 

If the latter, then that’s a sign that you’re happy with what you’re doing. You may even love it, and you’re ecstatic to even just talk about it. Whether because your boss chose your great idea or your efforts impacted the company, you just can’t help but smile as you narrate how everything worked out. 

If the former, then think: there’s a fine line between harmless stress-related ranting and downright complaining. If you’re doing more complaining, then it’s a good sign you’re pretty fed up with your job—and career. 

You fail and succeed 

Winston Churchill quotes, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” This is a common formula of success. You fail a few times before you succeed. But look at the bigger picture: isn’t it better to succeed in the end than to just end up failing time and again? 

When it comes right down to it, you savor even the smallest victories the most; you learn from your defeats, no matter how soul-crushing. This enthusiasm is a good sign that you’re going to endure and bounce back because you know there’s something worth it in the end. This becomes your motivation. That tells more about you as a person and as an employee. 

You have no doubts about your chosen path 

If you’re positive about your job, career, and future, then you’re in the clear. There’s no better feeling than that sense of security in at least three aspects of your life. You don’t have any major problems with what you do and where you’re going with your career. You’re content, and you have tastes of successes and failures that make you work more. That’s when you realize that you’re not looking for an escape route

And that’s the point: you’re no longer job hunting because you know what you have is perfect for you—and you’re perfect for what you have. All the time and money invested, sacrifices made, and understanding you had to ask from family and friends are all worth it. Good for you. 

It’s often said that you have to make a living to live. You’re paid when you do your job, after which you have money to do whatever you want in life. So what’s the best way to make the best of living? Making your work a great part of your life instead of the stress-inducing black hole that people say it is. 

If you’re on the right track, good for you. Keep it up. It won’t be long until you reap the fruits of your success.



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