4 Most Important SEO Factors to Improve Your Search Rankings

In 2018, Google introduced some drastic changes to algorithms. One of the examples is AI. Google almost used AI to filter approx, 30% of search queries in 2018. The other thing to consider is, a website with the most links is not likely to always rank at the top. There is a number of other ranking factors behind your rankings. To push your website towards improved search results, a good user experience, technical SEO, and quality content are one of the most important areas to focus. To get you more into the topic here are the top 4 most important factors influence your search rankings:

Structured Data

Structured Data is an important aspect to pass all the information about your website to search engines. It’s a way of communicating information about your website to Google. For example, if you have a business based on food, your SEO services company can implement rich cards to display all the necessary information in the search. The type of information you can display with structured data is working hours, pricing, product reviews and so on. It will enhance your search appearance and will improve your CTR rate.


Podcasts are a modern form of content. They are also considered as an extension of content marketing. A podcast is a new way to consume a great amount of content. If you have a website or product which can drive quality content to your audience, this content marketing method can help you. If you hire professional SEO services, they would help you make a content strategy that includes sponsorships, promoting specific contents, products, services and so on.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience is the utmost important ranking factor. A study by SearchMetrics says that all of the topmost visible domains in the search are mobile friendly. Today, Mobile friendliness is a norm, and it is important to note that your content is responsive on all the mobile platforms. One more thing to keep in your checklist is that when you are processing your mobile version site, you should launch it only after it’s competition. Because a broken or an incomplete version may affect your rankings.


When your website is packed up with quality backlinks, your website would look more trustworthy to search engines. So, whenever you link your website to any third-party domain, make sure that you link it from a quality aka authority website. And an authority website is a domain with quality, relevant content with an appropriate audience. Additionally, you can consider its DA (Domain Authority) as well. For the full-fledged advantage, a good number of social signals such as Facebook likes, shares, tweets is likely to influence your Google rankings.


Looking back to the days, we have seen Google evolving its algorithms for more quality rich content, backlinks, and most importantly mobile experience. There are numerous other factors responsible to influence your rankings. It is wise to opt for a Professional SEO service, work on the above-mentioned factors, and I am sure you’ll come out ahead of the competition.

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