4 Overlooked Basics to Get People to Follow You on Twitter

When it comes to social media – especially that on-going conversation also known as Twitter – many people think that there's some super-secret way to get people to follow you. But, what's really going on is that people are forgetting that the most basic, the most simple tricks are the ones that actually work.

So, whether you're new to Twitter or need a refresher course, here are the 4 overlooked basics to get people to follow you.

Link to Twitter

Make sure that your website is linked up with your Twitter account. Include the “Tweet” this button (super easy to add to your site). Add your Twitter feed to your main page (at least). And, link your content updates to your Twitter page.

Also, link your Twitter profile to your other social media sites, including Facebook. Remember, that everything that you're doing online needs to be connected and, most importantly, communicate with each other.

Write a Killer Profile

Twitter profiles are notoriously short, so make sure every character counts.

But, before you write a single word, take some time to research and review what your top keywords are; include these in your profile. Twitter, like everything else online, is searchable.

Keep your profile short and to the point. Write in a conversational tone rather than a professional one. Remember that Twitter is “informal.”

What does that mean? Have a little fun. Show your readers you know how to let loose from the corporate norm.

Follow the “Right” People

Who are the “right” people? Leaders, advocates and out-spoken voices in your industry. Research Twitter trends and find people who are talking about your industry, and if you're super lucky, you'll find people who are talking about you!

Follow Everyone Who Follows You

That's just good advice, all around. Keep in mind if you have thousands and thousands of followers, this can get out of control. That is where you need to make a few judgement calls and decide if the follower adds value. Also, this tip does not apply to the likes of Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. That would just be insane.

These 4 overlooked basics will most certainly raise the levels of your online reach, as well as set you up perfectly for some killer Twitter Marketingresults.

Have more overlooked basics? Do share. Your fellow readers will appreciate the help.

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