4 Productive Adwords Features for your PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords is a very successful promoting channel for brands to draw the attention of online users. The bidding based pay-per-click (PPC) service has changed the world of promoting business. However, behind this resourceful application of marketing, there lay a very modern innovation.

In order to implement your PPC campaign productively, you need advanced tools and best PPC services. Every year Adwords update its platform with new features and tools, so that online businesses can boost their strategies.

Here are four essential features of Adwords that can enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns:

  • Demographic Targeting

In order to keep your target audiences engaged with your services and products, you first need to know their requirements and interests. Demographic targeting includes various parameters such as gender, age, location, languages, and many more. Analyzing these factors will help you to know more about your audiences more specifically.

The attributes of demographic targeting are being updated for better performance of your PPC campaigns. Using them, you can have a customer-centric approach through which your online business can attain more traffic. As a result, the performance will become better through higher conversions.

  • Click-to-call

This is another game-changing feature which helps to increase the conversions with this CPC method. In order to interact directly with the interested audiences, you can implement this essential feature in your PPC campaigns. Additionally, it will also help to grab the opportunities of gaining more conversions through customer interaction.

Most of the companies may think that speaking directly to customers to offer their services might not be a good idea. But vocal understanding matters a lot when you are selling something with great convenience power. Moreover, it will also help users to order the service or product which is offered through ad over telephonic conversation.

  • Optimized ad rotation

Ad rotation feature allows displaying most relevant ads on the top according to the requirement or analysis of searches from target audiences. Marketers can use the attributes through which they analyze the trends and utilize ad groups according to the stats. This automated feature will display ads more conveniently that are performing well throughout the year.

The rotation process can be altered or modified using the time intervals, keyword planning and trend analysis tools of the Adwords. The top performing ads will be displayed on top as per the preferences and marketing needs.

  • Smart bidding

Keyword bidding is one of the major procedures through which you categorize the phrases that are trending and matching the services of your business. For better analysis of keyword bidding strategies, you can use this feature to improve the performance of your ads through Adwords auction.

The bids can be customized according to your PPC strategy, so that there will be higher conversions for your investment. Smart bidding allows managing your Adwords account more conveniently using several tools and features. Based on that, there will be lot better outcomes for your PPC management services.

All the above tools are very useful to gain more profits through you PPC campaign. Based on the targets, there will be better CPA, higher conversions, controlled CPCs and increased lead generations. Overall, all these tools are very beneficial to maximize the performance of your PPC campaigns.

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Comment by Kullu Manali on December 21, 2018 at 2:05am

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