4 Reasons Why Workers Thrive In Coworking Spaces

Shared working spaces are well-known for their benefits of increasing productivity, decreasing the upkeep costs for companies, and being in stellar locations that let them attract big clients and boost brand recognition. But what are the things that make a coworking space such a healthy environment for individual growth and success? Why do employees feel so empowered, creative and what makes them thrive in a diverse setting such as this as opposed to a traditional office?

A shared space is not an office

Nor is it a coffee shop. A coworking space does something no other type of space is able to - it bridges the gap between formal and informal, between work and play, and creates a synergistic environment that evokes creativity, induces passion and boosts concentration.

A shared space is able to provide a team with an ambiance that eliminates the need for meaningless chit chatter and yet, is playful enough to keep the peoples’ interest and create a sense a productive environment.

Networking and new opportunities

Opportunities constantly arise in a space where you’re surrounded by people coming from different industries. The whole thing is one non-stop, huge networking event. CEOs, marketing experts, developers, creative directors, designers and freelancers of every kind are working, living and breathing together in this space of productivity and knowledge, and where there is diversity, there is opportunity.

Opportunity doesn’t only show itself to individuals but for companies as well. Once you step into a coworking space, you have the opportunity to showcase your business and let people know you’re open for cooperation and an exchange of services. Soon enough, people will start to approach you with offers you couldn’t refuse.

Inspiration and mutual growth

People who aren’t burdened by a strict company ruleset and have the opportunity to work, play and take their leisure time however they like, such as in a multifunctional coworking space, are inspired to grow and develop a passion for their work. The best shared office space in Sydney will provide your company with every type of space you could need - from a private meeting room to a library, from a kitchen to a club for networking and teambuilding.

When one employee is empowered and inspired to take pride in the work they do, and when they put their mind and soul into creating success, others around them will soon follow suit. Not only does that individual actively help others become better at what they do, but just by doing their job on a daily basis will inspire other colleagues to better themselves as well.

You can aid in these efforts by organizing teambuilding events in the shared space, afterhours cocktail parties or any other type of leisure times where employees can interact, engage with each other, and have the absolute freedom to spend their time talking about work or their dogs - it’s their choice.

The flow of knowledge

An individual surrounded by a diverse group of people from different industries and occupations is able to observe, learn and improve upon their practices. Knowledge constantly flows in a coworking environment, where different people come together to share their practices and experiences, learn something new, to benefit themselves and others alike.

The flow of knowledge transcends the traditional exchange of information and practices, and greatly influences and even determines the course of certain events. When knowledge is passed on, it not only benefits the skills and expertise of an individual, but it also paves the road for all of the aforementioned opportunities to arise.

Mutual growth, help, and the exchange of ideas and expertise goes a long way, and soon enough, someone important for your business will hear of you, and the knowledge you’ve shared that has helped someone else reach their goals.


Coworking spaces have numerous benefits for companies and individuals alike, bringing people together, creating a productive environment and allowing individuals and teams to exchange knowledge and ideas, and promote a culture based on trust, mutual benefit and success.

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