“E-waste” is a new term that describes both electronic and electrical waste. Included are items like broken appliances, computers, stereos, light fixtures, medical equipment, control instruments, and even some toys, tools, and sporting equipment. Because of the components involved, it is illegal to dump these things at a regular dump site. For instance, if you have a broken television, you would need to choose the right method for TV disposal in Toronto or face the consequences. 

  1. Recycle – Fortunately, you have several viable options. If you have an old TV, you could take it to a site that offers TV recycling in Toronto. However, make sure you select a certified recycling company that specializes in disposing of e-waste. This type of organization dedicates itself to recycling all kinds of e-waste safely and responsibly while following all current laws and regulations. 
  1. Advertise ­– You might also advertise your old electronic and electrical items to sell them. As a hobby, some people enjoy tinkering with damaged goods. Therefore, you could place an ad in your local paper or take advantage of an online source like eBay or Craigslist. Some people are more than willing to pay for your e-waste. 
  1. Donation – Another option is to contact high schools and colleges to see if any of them would be interested in outdated technology for student projects. Keep in mind that whether you are selling to an individual or donating to an educational institution, you should always remove any personal information from phones, tablets, and computers. 
  1. Disposal and Trade-In – You will also find that schools along with government entities sometimes offer an electronic disposal service. In this case, the organizations serve as a recycling drop-off point. If there is no official e-waste site close to where you live or work, this is an excellent consideration. Also, check with the manufacturer of the device. Many companies, especially cell phone providers, have trade-in policies.

 Whether you have a broken coffee pot, hairdryer, appliance, computer, or any other type of electronic or electric device, you can always contact a reputable junk removal company. Along with standard trash, including old tires, construction material, broken furniture, and yard waste, the best companies deal with the disposal of e-waste.

 Clean Up and Protect the Environment

 At 800-Rid-of-It, we offer full junk removal services, including TV recycling in Toronto and more. With us, you can haul all of your e-waste away to a certified dumping station. We always keep our prices affordable, and we will help clean up your property in an environmentallyfriendly way. For more information, contact us today.

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