4 Ways That Technology Has Changed Customer Service

The hallmark of a successful organization has long rested in its ability to provide superior customer service. This adage is even more true today given the increasingly global and competitive nature of many businesses. If a company fails for provide its customers with adequate service, there is likely one just a click away that will. Many companies have long struggled in this area, but thankfully technology is continually evolving to the point that the face of customer service has radically changed.

It is now possible to provide prompt service to a global customer base, often at a cost far less than ever before thought possible. Much of this new commitment to customer service revolves around the ability to technology to be predictive in nature. In fact, 55% of high-performing service teams say that they are able to predict customer service needs more than 80% of the time. This is a positive indicator that allows the organization of today to deploy customer service resources where they are needed the most in order to meet the needs of the consumer.

Consider the following 5 ways that technology has effectively changed the way organizations approach customer service today.

Customer Centric Modeling

Gone are the days when a company can get by with offering a horrible customer experience simply on the basis of their superior product. Customers are wise to that game and are looking for a positive experience almost as much as they are a great product or service. Today, it is almost essential that a great customer experience be the center point of an organization’s operational model, and this begins with customer service.

Technology is encouraging the development of key performance indicators, which is the cornerstone of a customer centric approach. Assisted by a variety of big data and analytic information provided courtesy of a range of applications and resources, companies now have almost instant access to the key performance indicators. Such knowledge allows the organization to hold all members of the company, not just customer service representatives, responsible for providing a superior customer experience each and every time.

Giving Control To the Customer

Overall, technology has enabled companies to focus more on providing superior customer service in an effort aimed at empowering the client. In this global age, customers now have higher expectations that determine how they feel they should be treated. If you will, customers have become more demanding and technology is now enabling organizations to meet that expectation in most cases.

In the past, customers did not have much of a choice when confronted with a bad customer service experience. They were largely limited by geographical locations, so they had few other places to turn. With technology, customers now have a global marketplace and this has forced companies to respond in kind with more of a laser like focus on customer service. Customers are now able to share their customer experience, the good and the bad, via a variety of social media sites that go global in a matter of a few clicks. Technology has forced companies to notice this trend and respond in kind by offering superior social media customer service.

Customer Service Staff Feel More Empowered

In the past, many customer service representatives had their hands tied and were unable to offer much to a customer that called in for assistance. Technology has changed that by now offering customer service staff a variety of tools and resources aimed at helping them help customers. They are able to look up such things as purchase history, and even put a customer directly in contact with their customer service representative, among other things.

Multiple Channels of Communication Are Opened

Today, customers have a variety of mediums that they can use to contact any given company. As long as the organization employs these resources, they are able to allow their customers to reach out to them, no matter where in the world they are located. This can be done in such varied ways as embedding chat capability on the company website, having a social media customer service presence that staff routinely monitor for feedback and questions, email capability, and the traditional phone call. This has revolutionized the customer experience to the point that the average consumer now feels more able to ask questions and receive the assistance that they require.

In summary, technology continues to enhance social media customer service efforts to make them more streamlined, effective, and less expensive in the long run. It is also interesting to note that technology has enhanced a company’s ability to be profitable in today’s global business environment in other ways as well. Embrace the technological revolution and you will likely discover that you enhance your productivity and efficiency in no time at all.

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