4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

You may feel as though you're protected from pollution if you work in an indoor space, but indoor pollutants can affect the air you breathe. For example, if your office or building's HVAC system isn't operating correctly, you could be putting employees with allergies at risk. Learn more about the following four ways to improve indoor air quality in your work environment. 

Keep Your Work Areas Clean 

One way to improve your indoor air quality is to keep your work areas clean. Regular dusting and vacuuming will help control the volume of indoor air pollutants. If your business has the resources, hire a cleaning service that can clean the office at night. Any dust stirred up by dusting or vacuuming will be able to settle before the next workday begins.  

By keeping the office environment clean, your building's HVAC system will be able to function properly. Your employees will also benefit from a clean workplace and appreciate your dedication to their health. 

Add Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants such as a Monstera deliciosa or a spider plant are both great for an office. They require little sunlight and little water. They also help remove pollutants from any space to keep the air clean. Since they do not require much maintenance, these plants will survive over a weekend. 

Creating an office with greenery also makes an office feel more comfortable. Adding touches of nature within a space helps lift moods and spirits. 

Maintain the HVAC System

By keeping an office clean and adding indoor plants, you are already on your way to improving air quality. You need to consider another crucial task of making sure that the HVAC system is working properly. A professional from an HVAC services company such as Frank's Air Conditioning will be able to check your HVAC system, replace air filters, and identify areas of poor ventilation. 

You want to hire a professional for this job because of the individual's expertise in knowing the best services for your office space. By having a professional check your HVAC system at the start of every new season, you can keep your system running efficiently. You will also ensure that your employees will be working in an environment with abundant and clean air circulation.

Encourage Employees to Participate in Cleaning the Air

Once you've made these changes, encourage your employees to participate in contributing to the indoor air quality of their workplace. This participation can include creating a designated smoking area 50 feet away from your office building. Although it may not seem like a big deal, the smell of smoke can bother many people with allergies. By keeping a designated smoke-free space, you're encouraging a cleaner workplace environment. 

You can also encourage employees to remove any scented candles or oils from their desks. Although employees may enjoy scents or candles, the smells may not suit everyone's senses. Adding more indoor plants to a workspace instead of candles, for example, can still provide a comforting environment without the strong smells. 

Now that you have four ways to improve indoor air quality within an office, you are on your way to improving the health of your indoor air for your employees. 

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