4 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

High user engagement is the main goal of any website, especially one focussed on making sales or generating leads. Engaged users will regularly visit your website and get involved with your social media pages. It is not something which comes easily, however; consumers will not engage with websites that don’t tick all the right boxes.

Most people who come across a given website will visit only a small handful of times, however, there are people out there willing to come back on a daily basis to read your latest content. The only thing standing between you and them is a website which is engaging.

With that in mind, here are four ways you can increase user engagement:

Fix any Shortcomings

Your website needs to run seamlessly to engage users. Today, the average internet user will not wait around for more than two or three seconds for a website to load, and if your website is difficult to use or looks messy, then people aren’t going to stick around.

These problems can be huge for webmasters, however, if you are using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress and are suffering from performance issues, there are many solutions available to you.

WordPress powers over 25% of the internet and as a result, there are agencies and individuals out there who work as full-time WordPress developers, consultants and general professionals, such as WPConsult. You can call in these people to troubleshoot and fix almost any problem related to the content management giant.

Make a Good First Impression

This ties into the above point of ensuring your website runs smoothly and without hindrance, however, good first impressions also come through the way your site presents itself to your visitors.

When a potential customer sees your website’s interface, it should be clean, concise and easy to navigate. These are the most important things aside from performance points. Your landing page needs to have optimised content which dives straight into explaining your product or service, how it works and motivates your visitor to get involved by carrying out a desired action.

If your website doesn’t do anything to immediately engage a visitor, you are going to suffer from low conversion rates. Avoid going for a hard sell and instead focus on welcoming the visitor to your site and explaining your product.

Involve Your Visitors

If you are doing nothing to actually engage your visitors, how are you going to capture and keep their attention?

To engage your readers in a conversation, try asking questions during or at the end of blog posts and enable people to leave comments. This is one of the most common and successful ways to not only get your visitors engaging with your site, but with one another as well, especially when your post is something which divides opinions or discusses something trending.

Provide Engagement Rewards

Consumers love to be rewarded for simple tasks and you need to let your website’s visitors know that you appreciate them and their engagement.  The most common method of doing this is to provide visitors with a one-time discount code in return for an email subscription to your newsletter.

There are lots of other ways you can reward your visitors for their engagement and they can be as simple or complex as you like. What you can offer your visitors depends on your industry and what you offer, however, there is almost always something you can give away.

Free e-book copies, discount codes, special offers and access to early product releases are just a few examples of cost-effective methods which can be used to reward engagement.

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