5 Actions to Combat Complaints on Your Social Media Page

Are you worried about negative comments and complaints left on your company’s social media page? Sadly, it’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. As useful as Social Media is for businesses, it can also be potentially damaging too.

However, complaints left on your social media page aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if handled correctly they can actually turn into a positive thing. So, here, you’ll discover 5 actions to combat complaints on your social media page.

1. Respond quickly

It’s important not to let a complaint sit unanswered for a long period of time. The longer it takes you to respond, the angrier the customer will become. There’s also more chance of other customers seeing that you haven’t responded and that isn’t good for your company’s reputation. It’s suggested you should aim to reply within one hour. That’s obviously not always possible, so just try and ensure you don’t leave it longer than 24 hours.   

2. Publicly acknowledge the complaint

Publicly acknowledging the complaint is the first step you should take. This shows other customers you do respond and care about the problem. However, try not to include too much personal information about the issue. Keep the public reply short, professional and friendly, letting the customer know you’ll respond properly in private.

3. Privately respond to the complaint

Once you’ve left a public response, it’s important to immediately follow up with a private message. This gives you the opportunity to keep the customer’s personal details private (a legal requirement), and ensure other customers don’t see details of the exact problem. It also provides a more personal touch, making your customer feel important.

4. Be prepared to go the extra mile

If you really want to turn the complaint into a positive, offer the customer a viable solution that goes above and beyond. This could be not only fixing the problem they had, but offering them something as a gesture of goodwill such as a free product or a refund.

If the problem is a damaged item for example, you should apologise, then send out another item free of charge using an express service from a reliable courier like TNT. You could also include a free gift in the parcel too.

5. Ask for feedback

Once the problem has been resolved, it’s a good idea to ask for feedback. Providing you’ve gone above and beyond and followed the steps above, the customer is now likely to give you positive feedback. This shows other customers you follow through on any issues and this will really increase their confidence and trust.

Overall, when it comes to responding to complaints on social media, the above 5 steps are the best way to do it. Responding quickly, professionally, and ensuring you solve the problem will make a massive difference to your reputation.

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