5 Amazing App Features For Better Employee Engagement

Are you using a mobile app to accomplish various tasks related to your office? Aren't they very useful? 

Indeed, such applications are providing immense relief to both employees and employers.

Since the mobile application development trend has grown, a number of businesses are obtaining different types of mobile apps for various purposes. One in this class is enterprise mobile app. Owing to the ability to provide unmatched ease in various tasks, such applications are earning huge recognition among businesses. Let's find out what is driving businesses to secure such applications.

Why businesses need enterprise applications?

For every business, productivity and profit are two most desired things. When it comes about profit, it depends on various market factors, though the organizational factors have a big role to play in productivity.  Mobile applications are aiding organizations at greater scale to boost up productivity.

These applications keep employees, managers, and department heads at the same page, and allow them to interchange, feed and check data related to various projects. Actually, these applications are designed in a way so that they can help employees and organizations in performing various tasks such as keeping records, making bills and more. They reduce the time of maintaining paper records and allow instant access to information. Besides, employees can access the data anytime, anywhere.

Indeed, these applications are useful for employees and allow them to accomplish a variety of tasks easily. Here I am discussing some features that improve employee experience and are essential for every enterprise mobile application.

Messaging feature
Messaging service is very crucial part of such applications, as it allows employees to communicate with each other easily. In order to fuse a valid and professional communications standard, such applications are being fused with different types of short messaging services, such as chatboxes, instant messaging service or in app email client.

It allows employees to conduct organizational conversations related to various projects faster. It means, any information can be shared faster throughout the organization, and employees can also look back to any information.

Feature for record keeping

An employee takes part in numbers of meetings and meets various people including clients and customers. For everyone, it is essential to keep a record of information related to them such as email, phone number, address and more. In this regard, an address book can be very useful for employees, as they can get and collect the information through simple touches on their mobile screen. It allows them to feed all the information related to clients and important people in no time. For business, it is very beneficial, as they can remain in contact with those people.

Feature for content sharing

Content sharing is a game-changing feature in enterprise mobile apps. This feature automatically improves the productivity level of employees by proving them access to emails, charts, reports, and other content.

Today, employees don't have enough time to search through various files for a required information, this feature can reduce the time that goes in retrieving information. Besides, by adding other related features such as notification, you can inform people about the deadlines, meetings and other project updates.

Robust Security feature

Security is very essential for every mobile app. You must know that when it comes about organizational data, it is very important to integrate stringent security features in to the mobile application. To implement high-grade security, these applications are being fused with various features such as password-protected login, authorized access through bio metric recognition technology and more. Such functionalities, allow only authorized employees to access the app and it reduces the chances of data theft.

Push notification & calendar facility
Your app must have a calendar facility to push in project deadlines and other important dates of meetings and events. It allows employees to set certain deadline reminders and notes. Except that, daily tasks can be included in calendar facility so that they can be executed on time daily. 
Apart from these, there are many features in such applications that provide immense ease to users. If you want to ease out your business activities and increase the productivity of your organizations, you must secure a mobile app. At Techugo, we help various organizations to secure a highly productive mobile app that can help their employees in dissimilar ways. Being a trusted top mobile app development company in india, we understand organizational activities and integrate user-centric feature. Get our assistance to secure a great enterprise mobile app for your business.

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