5 Benefits of Investing in Promotional Products

As the time goes by and the entire business world continues to migrate into the virtual environment, the question does one simple promotional product have a place in some elaborate marketing strategy becomes more evident with each passing day. And truly, in comparison with Googlebot, SEO, and even simple banners, branded T-shirts and umbrellas may look rustic, almost ancient-like. But only at the first glance. In reality, such items are not only just as effective as any other, seemingly more relevant, marketing assets, but they also offer a number of unique benefits that should not be overlooked.

Strengthening the Brand Image

For the start, let us remind ourselves of one of the basic goals all marketing approaches have in common, and that would be that the audience is able to recall the name of a marketed brand, and has positive opinion on it. One of the easiest ways to achieve those results is by rewarding the audience with some goods. And truly, according to recent studies 76% of people who received some promotional item were able to recall the name of the marketed brand, while 52% of respondents improved the opinion of the brand and was ready to do a business with it as a result.


One of the main reasons promotional items have such strong impact on the audience is because they are able to ground your brand in reality, or in other words, because they are tangible. Unlike TV commercials or some other artificial marketing messages which tend to quickly fade out of consciousness, promotional products can actually be held and used, and because of that usability people will be ready to willingly allow your brand access into their lives, and therefore, their minds. This way, your brand will be able to get much longer exposure amongst the audience, and, in turn, create more lasting results.

Affordability and Efficiency

It should be mentioned that promotional items are usually not too expensive. In the same time, their effects are not limited only to the people using them, but their family members and friends, too. Promotional items like umbrellas and T-shirts are constantly being used in public, while the ones like lighters, custom USB drives, and other small things tend to change a lot of hands during their lifespan. Because of that, every user instantly becomes a brand evangelist. Put this two together and you will see that promotional items can produce some very satisfying ROI numbers.

Good Alternative to Classic Business Cards

No matter how fast technology may be changing, business cards will always be the most straightforward way of letting the strangers know everything they need about your company at a glance. Promotional items share the same purpose, but, needless to say, they are much more versatile. If you are, for example, distributing free USB drives at some convention, you can preload them with short presentation that will give users more detailed information about your business, and redirect them to your online assets where you can continue the engagement.


Finally, it should be mentioned that promotional items are very age-agnostic – everyone like to receive some free product, even if it is eventually going to be passed on to someone other. That makes their implementation in any kind of marketing campaign that much easier. Another important thing about promotional items is that, if you want to go beyond usual pens and mugs and segment your audience by their distinct interests, you will find almost inexhaustible number of available alternatives.

As we can see, promotional items are not only far from being obsolete, but, in many regards, they are even capable of producing results that are unthinkable with some other marketing assets. Sure, focus of modern marketing may be shifting into the virtual environment, but any opportunity to reach new audience and diversify your marketing approach should not be missed.

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Comment by Caitlin Cubic on April 12, 2016 at 7:06pm

Promotional Items are a fantastic way of increasing your brand presence. Great article!

Comment by Lilly Adams on April 22, 2016 at 3:30am

Thank you!


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