A successful business doesn’t require a big investment or a complex infrastructure. Some businesses could be launched without any money, or with a very small budget. Due to the changes in technology the business could also be conducted and organized entirely from your own home. This doesn’t mean that such a business will always remain a small home project. These businesses could grow to become a company in a more traditional meaning of the world.

Online office manager

A lot of businesses are choosing not to have an actual office, but allow their employees to work online. This is a good way to save money and make a business more efficient. It also provides the company with the opportunity to use the talented employees from all over the world as well as spend less on their salaries. These offices need managers that will handle day-to-day tasks. This manager needs to have all the qualities of a traditional office manager, the only difference being that the “office” they are supposed to manage is located online.

Blog writing

Blogs have become one of the best ways to promote a company. They are a good way to connect businesses with their potential clients, through interesting and quality content. This is why businesses are starting to take blogs seriously and hire professionals to create that content. Content creation could be made into a lucrative and thriving business. A great thing about this job is that you can easily diversify your income. There are a lot of ways to earn money writing. You can work for a variety of companies and you can always use ads on your personal blog if you have the audience for it.

Currency trading

Trading in foreign currencies is one of the online businesses that can prove to be lucrative if you put enough effort into it. This is a complicated and complex business that depends on having the right information about all the factors behind it. It can be started from your own home, but it requires the help of professional brokers like the ones from Synergy FX. It’s important to approach this business with a clear plan and diversify your income by trading in different currencies. This will reduce the risks and put you back on your feet after a couple of rough months.

App development

There used to be a time when mobile apps were something only big businesses could afford. However, that’s no longer the case. Even small businesses are now able to market themselves via mobile apps and thus get closer to their customers and clients. This boom can be a way for you to start a small business and provide this service to the companies. An app developer needs to work in close consultation with the business owner in order to make the app suited to the needs of both the business and the end users.

Social media consulting

Social media is one of the most important communication channels for any business. It is used for more than just promoting – it’s a way to connect with the readers directly and establish your brand, as well as your company. It’s important to realize that social media consultants aren’t social managers. Their job goes beyond writing and posting on social media.

These jobs could be done from your own home and with little resources. Like with any other business, you need to work hard and have a long-term plan for making the business profitable.

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