5 Best open source payroll software

Nowadays open source tools are seen claiming a bigger slice of the payroll software market. They have the potentiality to offer more functional flexibility, cost reductions, freedom from vendor lock-in, and allow more rapid distribution compared to the proprietary alternatives.

Open source payroll software allows the organization to automate and handle the process of payment in a more flexible and convenient way. You, now, need not bother yourself with the hassles of installation and maintenance. 

Let us sharpen our knowledge a little more on the given topic here.

 What is open-source payroll software?

Open source software suggests those ones for which the license allows free access to the source code. Users are free to not just use them but also modify, customize and redistribute them without facing any sort of restriction imposed common to proprietary software.

A payroll software aims at automating the payment process and saves time by minimizing the chances of inputting wrong information to the system. Additionally,  it can help you automate and enhance tax management, employees attendance management, deductions management, compensation management, and other vital payroll processes.

An open source payroll software is becoming a widely embraced option lately as it offers maximum freedom to the software users. It is known to be less vulnerable to deliberate attack, offer wide integrations, and is a less expensive choice. If users face any issue while using such software, there is a community of users available scattered globally to provide assistance.

Examples of top open source payroll software

OpenPro Enterprise Software

This open source payroll software also comes as a free option where users need not invest a handsome amount on a paid payroll tool. This is a cloud-based SaaS software and also an open source payroll software for windows. You can keep the employee data updated; manage staff pay grades; create employee policy records etc

The major highlight of this open source tool is that it not just is enriched in payroll features but offers a myriad of enterprise resource planning and distribution features as well. You can also use OpenPro Enterprise Software in automating your financial management operations with equal ease and efficiency.

It features 401(k) tracking, W-2/1099 preparation, self-service portal, and wage garnishment.  Starting price of the paid version is $40.00/month.


This open source HRMS with payroll in PHP can ease, enhance and streamline the payroll management process. It features an attendance module to help to keep a good track of employee punch-in and punch-out times.

You can automate your payroll calculation more accurately and quickly now with IceHRM. You can record employee payment details; calculate deductions correctly; create payslip templates etc. You can also add salary or wage components based on attendance sheets.

Your staff members now can easily download payslips in PDF format. Payroll report creation is easy and quicker with IceHRM.


One of the most widely opted for open source HR and payroll software is TimeTrax with a host of suitable features to enhance its utility value. It not just addresses payroll automation needs but also other vital aspects of human capital management tasks.

This comes integrated with a payroll detection calculation system compliant with Canada and USA tax system. This is the most preferred cloud-based option available on open source payroll software free download.

You can automate, streamline and improve your employee benefits management, compensation management, time and attendance management processes besides handling core payroll management ones. 3rd party integration for outsourcing the payroll services is also available.


This open source and free payroll software come with EFT (electronic fund transfer) credit system. It has a user-friendly interface is easy to use to access all payslips and reports timely. Employee self-service portal is available. Both small and large companies can find it extremely beneficial.

You can find it useful in managing cost accounting by making an analysis of the wage costs & different pay rates and then reporting the same to different branches/departments.

It features general ledger reporting capabilities and labor distribution.

Thankyou Payroll

This open source payroll software keeps a track of all the recent developments pertaining to tax compliances and regulations. This is especially suitable for small organizations and can be integrated with other relevant tools for escalating its operations.

You can easily create and print payslips and save them in PDF format. Your employees can view their payslips virtually.

It can handle all vital aspects related to payroll management process in a company. The free version available supports up to 5 staff in each company.

Final words

Being responsive to the needs of the users get hindered with restricted access that proprietary software does. It is, however, good to balance the perceived advantages with the reality of certain risks and then consider it for your company. Pick one of these after undergoing a rigorous selection process for leveraging the attractive benefits.

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