5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Currently more than 205 billion emails are sent daily. And by 2019, that number is expected to increase to 246 billion a day. Email can play a vital role for business looking to grow, engage and ultimately retain their consumer base. So, what are you doing to make sure your emails and email campaign strategies are up-to-date and best serving your customers’ needs?

If you’re looking to revamp your email strategy, you’ve clicked on the right article. Below are five effective email marketing strategies to try on your own or with an email marketing agency.

  1. Automation

First, if you haven’t already, you should be automating your email marketing through programs, such as email drip campaigns. Why? Automation programs allow businesses to create a bundle of emails and then automatically send them through specific intervals. This then takes customers through an optimized sales funnel. From incentivizing a customer to review a product they just bought to sending an email about abandoned shopping carts, automation is a great way to keep your customers engaged while saving time and resources for other marketing strategies.

  1. A/B Test Subject Lines

How important are email subject lines? Like a news headline, if people are not engaged or sold by it, chances are they won’t read the full article. Same is true for email. As a business, you’re looking for ways to increase your email open rate, and testing subject lines is a great way to do that. Work with your marketing and content departments to come up with 1-4 variations of subject lines to test. Look to see which one has the highest engagement/conversion rate and keep that one in mind when creating future emails/email subject lines.

  1. Re-engage Veteran Subscribers

It’s not just about engaging new uses on your subscriber list. It’s also about re-engaging old subscribers! Chances are you probably have a group of users that initially signed up, but have been inactive for awhile. In fact, previous research shows that 63 percent of subscribers to lists are inactives and are very unlikely to open follow-up emails that you send out. Work to create campaigns that can help re-engage them, such as offering them a special discount at checkout or offering something else worthwhile.

  1. Optimize For All Devices

No one just reads their emails from a desktop computer anymore, and so it’s vital that your content and visuals within your email messaging are mobile friendly. From smartphones to tablets and other devices, people are accessing from a wide range of devices, and will quickly delete an email they can’t read or doesn’t fully upload to their device. Work with your design department to make sure all of your content is easy to read on every platform so it’s a user-friendly experience for all. In the end, all of the content you produce should be mobile friendly and can be uploaded to various platforms.

  1. Personalization

Like employee recognition, users will be more engaged with content that is personalized to them. The content also needs to provide significant value for the user. And no, this does not mean just addressing the customer by their first name. Through your funneling strategies, work to target your customers with specific content tailored to them. This will not only help increase engagement, but can help them grow into a regular consumer.

Whether you’re revamping your email marketing strategy or just beginning one, keep these five tips in mind to help engage and grow your customers and audience.

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