5 Fashion Photography Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Fashion is amazing. And Fashion photography is fantastic. But if done wrong photography can make fashion lose its appeal. Fashion photography is a work of art. More and more people are getting into this genre to express themselves and to capture diverse emotions.

But there are mistakes that fashion photographers should avoid in order to grow.

1.      Poor Concept

The first mistake fashion photographers make is the failure to develop a concept. As a fashion photographer you should always come up with a theme for your photoshoot. Make sure each concept is unique and creative.

If possible, you can engage other minds so you are able to generate fresh ideas all the time. Exceptional ideas will help your audience to appreciate your photography.

2.      Failure to Carefully Select The Camera

This one is key. A fashion photographer who fails to carefully select the camera cannot bring about the necessary effects on the photos and capture certain complex atmospheres. A fashion photographer should select a camera suitable for his trade. Some of the specs required for such a camera are:

  • Non-stop shooting at up to 7 frame per second
  • Dual slots for CF and SD cards
  • Superior Autofocus performance
  • Shutter speed at 30 to 1/8000 seconds
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Dust and harsh weather resistance features

3.      Poor Lighting

This leads to the inability to capture all the details of a shoot. A good fashion photographer should be able to control the lighting for a good photo session. If the photo shoot is indoors the photographer should ensure the lighting is favorable and adjusted accordingly. When the lighting is easy, he should use soft light to cast scattered shadows with soft edges.

On the flip side, outdoor shooting is different because lighting constantly changes and is more difficult to control. He can use reflectors and fill flash for desired results.

4.      Failure to Experiment with Camera Angles

For fashion photography, there is no one angle that is best for a shot. Tailor each angle to the context of the shot. You can use low view point with low angles, eye level shots, upward angle with low viewpoints name it. You can move closer, crawl on the floor if you must but get that epic shot. Fashion photographers should not be restricted to one angle.

5.      Lack of a Portfolio

It’s a big mistake for a fashion photographer to just follow tips and take photographs without maintaining a portfolio. It is important to keep a portfolio showing your best work. This will separate you from the amateurs and help you in networking with serious photographers.

An impressive portfolio also helps you to gain opportunities in the industry and to work with big names and popular models.

Get It Right

Nijol Creative dot com from fashion photography Bangladesh says once you avoid the above mistakes you will be able to grow your photography skills to greater levels. Keep learning and researching on new technology that will make your photography a world class venture. Be keen to invest in the best equipment for high quality work.

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