5 good ways to raise money for charity at work

Giving back to charity isn’t only great for raising morale and having a little fun within your company: it’s also a good way to give back to people and help charities do work in areas that you are passionate about. With hundreds of ways to get involved and raise money- whether in the workplace or out of it- here are some of the best methods for getting your employees engaged and contributing to making a charity event that everybody can get stuck into.

Work fun

One great way of raising money is by mixing it up in the office. Though of course it’s still important that the business functions well (at least, unless you’ve all booked the day off!) there are lots of ways you can make the day a little bit more fun: you could have a ‘back to your roots’ dress-up day, where workers can dress up in clothes they wore when they were younger, or you could hold something more festive like a ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ that you can then charge for. If that doesn’t work, how about holding a raffle? You could even do a baby photo collection and get people to guess which colleague matches up to which photograph- with a small prize to incentivize your co-workers!

Time to bake

Nothing motivates people more than food- so what better way is there to raise money than bringing it into the office? Though of course one of the more obvious options is holding a bake sale- the Macmillan Coffee Morning, for instance, has become a very popular example of this- you can do everything from hold a mini bake-off, where people all bringing in examples of their cooking, which can be rated by staff, to a ‘guess the weight of the cake’ day, where the winner gets to take home the cake. Nothing is off limits!

Take it out of the office

If you’re dedicated about fundraising, why not treat your colleagues at the same time and take the action out of hours? From fundraising a charity car rally- and racing in it!- like games recruitment company Amiqus are doing, to walking up a mountain or doing a sponsored walk in order to raise money, it’s a fun way of doing some team-bonding, whilst also doing your bit for charity.

Flex your smarts

If you’re thinking about doing something a little more highbrow, how about leveraging your company’s expertise in a certain area- whether marketing, recruitment or gaming- to get the money rolling in? You could hold a speaking night, where employees give speeches to a crowd of paying guests alongside cheese and wine, or you could hold a quiz night that employees can pay to enter- and departments can compete to win something like a bottle of wine.

If you’re looking to get inventive for charity: there’s no excuse for getting stuck in and coming up with exciting new ideas to get your co-workers involved in!

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