If you’re not reading and learning, then you’ve become stagnant. Just because you’ve got that degree locked down doesn’t mean you get to be lazy! Finding the right books to pick up can be a bit of a hassle, so here’s a list of some of our favorites to get you started.

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Why have you not read this yet? The best place to start is the beginning, and Carnegie was one of the first to put into words what people had been practicing for hundreds of years. First published in 1937, it still sells like hotcakes and is considered by many to still be the be-all-end-all of PR. If you want to get back to basics, here’s where to start.

2. Can We Do That? – Peter Shankman

Have a great, unique idea for a crazy PR stunt? Better read this book first, cause it’s probably already been done, with unexpected and often hilarious results. The book details the most ridiculous PR campaigns ever conducted and explains why they either did or didn’t work. A great read for thinking outside, around, above, below and inside-out of the box.

3. Thank You for Smoking – Christopher Buckley

Good movie but great book! Thank you for Smoking details the life of a PR representative who has to do something we all hope we never have to do – sell a bad product. It’s a fascinating look inside the PR side of an industry that it’s all too easy to hate.

4. Guerilla PR – Michael Levine

Need an effective campaign but don’t exactly have Fort Knox backing you? Levine’s book gives some solid advice on how to get word out without breaking the bank. The updated version of the book includes online as well as offline strategies.

5. The newest AP Stylebook

You read right. For most of us, it has been many years since we really looked at our AP Stylebooks. For example, do you recall if we’re supposed to capitalize “Internet” or are we finally allowed to make it lowercase? If you’re not sure, an AP style brush up is in order. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the principals that make great PR and journalistic writing.

What are some of your favorite books on public relations?

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