5 Logo Designs Best Practices That Will Make You Suffer For Sure

Logo Design is one of those few factors a company is known for. So, it is crucial for a company to stand apart from the crowd and for this one needs to have a unique and memorable logo design; however, crafting a unique and memorable logo design is not that much easy as it sounds. Discussed below are 5 logo design mistakes usually committed by amateur logo designers. And these are…

1.Typographic chaos

When it comes to logos, the typography can make or break your design, so it’s important you know your typographic ABC‘s. Logos should be in the simplest form possible while still portraying the proposed message, one must consider all typographic features of the design.

Don’t use predictable, crazy, or extremely thin fonts. Keep your eyes to kerning, sizing and spacing, and most importantly, make sure you’ve selected the right font(s) for your project at hand.

2.Too complex, too abstract

Simple logo designs are more memorable as they provide easier recognition; though, for a logo to be remarkable and stand apart from other heaps of logos, there must be something unique about it, deprived of being too overdrawn. Not just does simplicity make a logo design more memorable, but it also turns the logo design more versatile, meaning it can appear well over more mediums.

3.Poor font choice

As already mention above, when it is about creating a logo, it is vital to choose the right font that can make the right design. Font choice can usually demand as long as the logo mark creation itself and it should not get done briskly.

Spend time researching various fonts accessible that might go well for the project, limit them further, and then see how they gels with the logo mark. Be confident while purchasing a font, modifying one, or creating your own. Also, bear in mind how the font of the logo could be used throughout the remaining brand identity together with other fonts and imagery.

4.Relying on color or special effects

Logo that requires special effects or color to be a strong one is not, in reality, a strong logo design. To avoid this, first work in black and white and then add special effects or color afterwards. This enables you to focus on the concept and shape rather than the special effects. Avoid using embossing, drop shadows, or other layer styles to smooth over logo designs — a great custom logo design will stand by itself. You can also make different variants of a logo design to ensure it works in grayscale or color.

5.Copying, stealing, or borrowing design

It’s pitiful that this needs to be said, but it’s a very usual practice these days. A designer gets an idea that he likes, apply color swap, a quick mirror, or word change, and then labels the idea as his own. Besides being unethical, illegal, and downright stupidity, it gets you caught in the end. Do not use clip art or stock either. The idea behind a logo needs to be unique and original.

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