5 Reasons hiring Software Developer is Better than in-house Development Team

Businesses often struggle with one important question: should they have an in-house software development team or would it be better to follow the outsourcing path and hire software developer from a technology services provider company? This article will answer this puzzling question once and for all, by giving you several reasons why hiring a dedicated software developer is much better than having an in-house team.

1. Freedom to Commit Only for As Long as You Need

When you are outsourcing and hiring a software developer India, you have the freedom to commit to the arrangement as long as you have software development needs. That’s because you are hiring and paying for the developer for the duration of the software project only. Once your software project is completed and you no longer need the help of technology expert, you wouldn’t need the services of the hired software developer anymore. This means you are paying for the developer only when you have the development needs. This kind of arrangement, where you’re free to commit as and when you need, can be quite cost-saving for your business.

2. Hiring Custom Software Developer is Convenient

Working with a hired dedicated software developer is a lot more convenient than having to manage an in-house team. With an in-house software development team, you have to take care of many things like recruitment, training and development, conducting performance evaluation from time to time, and various other workforce management related tasks. But when you hire software developer, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. This is why hiring a developer is not only cost-saving, but also convenient.

3. You Can Quickly Get Reliable and Proficient Experts

It can be extremely tough to build an in-house team that comprises of developers with expertise in every single technology. What about when you have to start a project on a new technology? The process of finding the right people for the particular technology niche to work on the project can take too long. The longer the search process takes, the more your project will be delayed.

A simpler, quicker, and better way to go would be to choose a top technology services provider company and hire the software developer in desired technology niche from them. The company will have top-notch software development experts in any technology niche readily available. You will be able to hire the person suitable for your requirements very easily. The quicker you are able to find the right people for the project, the quicker you will be able to initiate the project.

4. Option to Scale Up or Down is Always Available

One of the best benefits of outsourcing and hiring a software developer India is that you can always hire more or less people based on your requirements. You see the resource requirements for each project is different. Smaller projects may need fewer number of developers working, whereas bigger projects may require more number of developers on board. When you are outsourcing to a software company in India, you have the option to hire as many people as you think are necessary. Additionally, if somewhere along the project you feel like you need to scale up or down your hired team of developers, then you can do that as well. The choice is entirely up to you. You get to decide how many resources are working on your project. This means that you also have complete control over the costs associated with the resources.

5. You Get Time To Focus on Other Important Things

Let’s face it, maintaining an in-house software development team does take up a lot of your time, energy and focus, all of which you could have spent on attending to other important business areas. This might become even more of a problem when you are starting a new project, as you would have to closely monitor every aspect of the project. What this means is extra workload for you, because now you have to worry about not just your day-to-day core business activities but about your technology initiatives as well.

This is where you’ll feel the benefit of outsourcing the most. When you hire custom software developer India, your software project is well taken care of by the developer at every stage. The developer would work on your project according to proven software development methodologies and best industry practices. The developer will give 100% efforts to the project, so you can rest assured and tend to other business matters. You can simply check in with the developer regularly and stay on top of everything.


If you are a business wondering whether to hire software developer India or have an in-house development team, then these reasons clearly prove why hiring a software developer from India would be infinitely better for you. The reasons show that cost-effectiveness is only one of the many benefits of outsourcing. You also enjoy a great deal of flexibility, efficiency, and convenience when you outsource. So ahead and hire a dedicated software developer for your project with confidence.

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