5 Smart Software Investments to Help You Wrangle Your Business’ Most Tedious Tasks

When a business makes the decision to invest in new software, free or otherwise, the end-goal to ultimately make the lives of you and your employees easier, right?

 Unfortunately, that’s not the reality that many businesses face as they’re stuck with bloated software that actually puts more on their plates. On the flip side, companies can’t totally rely on freeware for risk of running a bare-bones business that can’t meet the needs of its employees or staff.

 Businesses today must therefore do their homework to ensure that they’re making smart software investments that actually reduce the workloads of their staff.

 The good news? Such software exists, granted you know what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve outlined five essential types of tools and software that will save time and reduce stress on your team.

 Audit and Compliance Software

Keeping your business in line with rules, regulations and laws can be a massive headache depending on your business. Given that standards never stay the same for long and failure to comply could result in financial and legal nightmares, it’s key for businesses to have some sort of software on deck to help them stay to compliant.

 Reciprocity Labs notes that investments such as audit management and compliance software can help companies become more efficient by moving away from spreadsheets and avoiding mistakes simultaneously.

 Social Automation and Analytics

Businesses are expected to leverage social media when it comes to winning new leads and providing customer service, but the world of social can quickly result in wasted time.

 Through automation and analytics, businesses can stop spending so much time actively curating their social feeds and instead put the following tasks on autopilot:

  •  Notifications for whenever someone mentions or tags your brand with a question or concern
  • Feedback on which types of content drive the most traffic, clicks and leads
  • Which social channels are actually resulting in a financial ROI

 CRM Software

The more complete a “profile” you keep of your leads, the better.

 In addition to traditional forms on-site to collect information, today’s CRM solutions are incredibly powerful in providing a comprehensive view of customers so you can tailor your sales strategy to meet their needs. By knowing where customers are coming from and what content engages them, you can hone your business’ message over time.

 SEO Analytics

While Google Analytics is indeed a treasure trove of information, businesses shouldn’t limit themselves solely to a single, free platform for tracking SEO.

 Making use of modern SEO tools and metric-tracking might seem daunting, but flying blind simply isn’t an option if you want to fine-tune your site’s performance. From monitoring backlinks to figuring out your highest-performing (or weakest) content, you can constantly work toward goals instead of settling on mediocre search performance.

 Employee Engagement

Sometimes the most important software investments you aren’t necessarily about your customers, but rather your employees. As employee engagement is on the decline, offices are experiencing the unfortunate epidemic of high-turnover and lost productivity as a result.

 Employee engagement platforms which offer check-in’s and pulse surveys not only show your company’s empathy towards its workforce, but also clues you in on potential shortcomings and bottlenecks within your organization.

 Perhaps it’s hyperbole to say that businesses live and die by their software solutions; however, there’s no denying how the right tech investments can transform any company that’ might be struggling. By focusing on strengthening your tech investments in these areas, you’ll be well on your way to running a swifter, smarter company.




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Comment by Steven Mathews on April 9, 2019 at 6:56am

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