5 Steps to Create Brand Consistency & Why it Matters

Brand consistency is the key to boost your company’s value and in the age of ever-changing technology, the ideas can go from concept to completion quickly. Creating blogs, writing eBooks and designing a customer-oriented website is rapid, but does it really harmonizes with the brand identity.

Let it put it in this way:

Have you ever watched a TV commercial that was too enticing or did you noticed why the ad contains certain colors and the purpose of the certain tagline?

For example, Axe, a brand well recognized for deodorants, produces TV commercials that are quite sensual and seducing. For instance, if I watch the ad and even if I am not presented with the logo or anything else that directs me to the brand, I will be able to recognize instantly that it is an Axe commercial.


The answer is “Consistency” and “Identity”!!!

The ads are not identical, though, still, Axe has shrouded me with its visuals and theme to identify instantly, without seeing their logos etc.

Let us have a look at some of the key findings on how brand consistency works across various organizations and its impact.

The publication release of “The Impact of Brand Consistency” by “Lucidpress” and “Demand Metric” found some of the key findings like:

  1. Less than 10% were of the view that their brand presentation is very consistent while almost 90% agree that it is important to present their brands steadily in all the places people might face them.
  2. Almost all organizations claim to have branding guidelines, but only one-fourth have formal guidelines that are consistently enforced.
  3. Over 60 percent of organizations in the study report that materials are always, often or sometimes created that don’t conform to brand guidelines.
  4. The greatest negative impact of inconsistent brand presentation, reported by 71 percent, is the creation of confusion in the market.
  5. The CMO or other corporate marketing executive has primary brand management responsibility for 42 percent of organizations in the study.

Why Brand Consistency Matters?

Consistency can entice your customers and enhance their inner imagination along with value your marketing and sales effort offers. Particularly, when it comes to B2B companies that are formally driven by long sales cycle.

However, it is difficult to put the plan into action, when you are blank about for what reason are you doing and why you are doing. In this way, your brand can end up with factors like unreliability, confusion among customers, and disassociation.

The reason for creating a consistent brand matter because:

  • A consistent brand looks more professional than a competitor who is working only on marketing and identity.
  • If you are consistent with your core identity, it will represent your originality and not that you are engaged in marketing and promotional stuff.
  • The consistency is the key to establish trust among your customers and clear the confusion and ambiguities about your organization and your brand.
  • Customers are more likely to trust brands that represent their brand in a more professional and authentic way.
  • Brand consistency is also important for the employees to stay aligned with the core mission and values of the brand
  • With a defined brand, it is easier to implement marketing decisions because of existing outline to guide you.

The reason why big brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Amazon, Facebook, Disney, IBM, and Google have created a recognizable brand in your mind and became proficient enough through the tips that will be discussed later. Remember, you do not have to be a billion-dollar company to entice customers and make yourself unforgettable.

Now let us have an overview of how you can create a consistent brand in 2017.  

Stay Clear on Brand Messaging

The brand comes with a message and you have to be clear on what message you want to communicate to the customers. The brand message should target the potential customer. It is not necessary that you create a goal that is targeted towards everyone. Instead, you should focus on directing your message towards the target audience.

You have to screen, what are the pain points of your audience, how it could solve their problem and what matters to the customers. Communicate that message and make sure that everyone working within your organization understands the brand message. Your customers will not be impressed and engaged if your employees are not on the same page.

Knit your Brand into all You Do

Knitting your brand starts with vision and mission and goes on with everything in your business. The way you communicate, the design of your website, what you post on social media, interaction with customers, the principles and ethics of your work, and the ambiance in the office. Every aspect of your business should be synchronized with your brand.

For example, if you are posting blogs on your website, make sure it represents and portrays your brand identity. If you try to be someone you are not, it will leave a bad impact on customers.

Develop a Brand Feel

Developing a feel all across your marketing channels, help people identify the brand and engage with you. No matter, whether you are promoting across social media channels, TV or print media, the overall feel of your brand should remain the same.

For instance, if you think of a parcel with yellow color, your brain will immediately sketch DHL. Why, because they have a consistent brand identity that helps you identify their brand through color. Similarly, when it comes to a website or social media post with a huge fan following, none of them will ever be able to recognize unless presented with same colors, logo, and products. This is what brand consistency is and this is how you should create it.

Voice of Your Brand

The voice of your brand will help people to recognize it. Both the looks and feel have a connection with your potential customer and brand. For example, if your brand has a funny, humoristic and witty voice, people will know who is communicating. Similarly, when you come across a catchy post on social media or read an email written in a witty style your brain will hit the right spot. The company’s brand voice was talking to you and creating a connection.

Central Resources for Brand Consistency

It is important for your team to keep them updated on resources in order to maintain brand consistency. Provide them the necessary documents, images, logos, graphics, videos, and fonts and make sure to deploy them consistently throughout your campaigns.

If you have a centrally accessible location for your brand assets, your team will have access without any hassle. It will also save the time and help your team to manage better. Moreover, you can give access or limit them according to the requirements.


Managing brand consistency is quite challenging, but not impossible. The more you learn about branding and your target audience, the better it will be. Keep in mind, a little effort and minimum investment can reap fruitful results in the coming years.

Sticking to your plan and building trust among customers will present a memorable experience for every individual who connects with your brand. You have to be optimistic and think of the companies who have established a reputation over the years.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 15 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing with IQVIS. He has worked with several clients from all over the globe to offer his services in various domains with a proven track record of success.

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