5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid Making When Branding Your Business Online

Branding your business online has a number of benefits that are pushing today’s entrepreneurs onward, motivating them to invest ever more into the efforts that are being put into building a home for themselves online.

Most of today’s conversions, in any given industry and within any and every field, are fueled by what those potential customers and clients find online.

According to statistics, more than 80% of conversions occur because of what is found through search en....  Now, having said that, the way towards building a successful online reputation, believe it or not, has much to do with branding. Many are aware that SEO and digital marketing techniques play a significant role in getting found by the potential audience that is searching for the product or service related to your business.

However, once found, the impression you leave those audience members with and how well you present yourself to them can determine the steps and actions that follow. This is where branding comes in.

What is Branding?

Branding is an extremely important aspect for any type of business. It allows you a striking edge on the competition companies within your industry and shows your potential audiences what they can look forward to in regards to your company.

Your brand is all about what your business desires to be and how it is perceived by individuals participating in your field. Successfully building up your brand can help differentiate you from other players and show your audience what you’re all about and what you have to offer.

So, it is a no brainer that building your business’ brand online is so important, but the big question that comes next is all about the steps someone must take to do just that.

How do you create an effective brand online while staying true to your business’ ideals and visions?

Well, you may certainly find that it comes with its own set of challenges. There are a number of factors that come into play and that can make or break your image, leading to branding success or piles of frustration.

To get you started, it’s good to be aware of those courses of action that you should be weary of when branding. In other words, taking a good look at what not to do can help you move in the right direction, employing beneficial branding techniques that can lead to many advantages and much success. We’ve dug deep and found the 5 biggest mistakes that individuals make when branding their business online.

5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Branding Your Business

Don’t fail to adequately lay out your brand’s goals and to pick an appropriate target audience.

A big mistake that is often made in the initial stages of branding, but that has several consequences that can consistently present themselves immediately, throughout the process of building your business, as well as later on down the road, has to do with steps that were skipped in the first stages.

Before going through with your branding strategy, it’s important to make sure that you’ve clearly laid out what you want to achieve with your brand and in what way you want it to influence your audience. In addition to this, it’s important to understand which understand which audience it is that you’ll be targeting and identifying them accordingly.

It’s not uncommon that companies often take tiny steps forward during the early stages of their business in order to understand what is and isn’t well received.

However, much can be said for understanding your organization’s identity and reaching out to those which can relate to it. Your business, in other words, will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Not everyone will be interested in products that you specialize in or services that you have to offer. The fear of identifying a target market early on for fear of missing out on others not included in that market is risky business.

Take the time to answer the important questions such as what your company’s mission is, what sets your brand apart, what you want customers and prospects to think of your company, and what qualities you want those same individuals to associate with your company.

By answering these questions and doing some research to understand the needs and desires of your prospective audience, you’ll do well to influence the right onlookers and already existing customers, while making sure to have something that they will be happy with. 

Make sure you don’t ignore the contribution and potential that is found with your employees.

While controlling branding efforts is important for individuals running any type of business, it’s crucial to welcome the contribution of your staff and employees. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Professional Ecommerce Company Comalytics said that today, many individuals rely on personal, person-to-person communication and find themselves less influenced by other advertising methods which can come across cold and impersonal, if not handled the right way.

Employing your manpower to carry out your brand and share it with the world through social media platforms and direct communication can help your brand spread like fire and find its way through several similar target audiences. Therefore, you’ll find that a mistake you’ll want to avoid is not relying on the help of that very important team of yours. They’re a treasured resource that can take your business branding even further.

Whatever you do, do not try to blend in

Another mistake that can be very costly for businesses is trying to chameleon your way through your industry. Some individuals starting a business or rethinking their brand may think that looking like everyone else is advantageous. I mean, if something is working for them, it must also work for me, am I right?

Unfortunately, you are not.

Having the mindset to blend in is an easy way to get overlooked by prospects that quickly scan through the list of competition in order to find a company or business to go to for the product or service they are searching for.

Having something different is a good way to get noticed, to stand out, and to intrigue those looking on. Branding is a way to create your own identity as a company that gives you the opportunity to stand out and be original.

Having said that, after working out how to be different in your brand and what steps you’ll take to make that happen, make sure to integrate your brand well and let your team in on what it is that sets you apart from other businesses.

Creating a voice for your company that reflects its originality and uniqueness can help in other branding stages and assist you in developing designs, taglines, templates, and standards that allow you to be unique and true.

You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t deviate, stay true to your brand once you have defined it.

Once you’ve taken those very important steps to define your brand, make sure that you stay the straight path and don’t deviate. Sure, there will still be plenty of room for creativity, but don’t get lost in overcomplicating matters.

Any type of business will find it helpful to establish a set of guidelines that revolve around the brand, and that can assist the company when it’s time to make a decision, send a message, or move forward. These guidelines can be about anything from colors, to fonts, taglines, imagery, and even the logo.

If you’ve gone through the important steps of identifying key aspects of your brand early on, and building on those, you’ll have something original to move forward with. Changing this up too early can confuse your customers and prospects, and making inappropriate changes later on can damage your brand equity. Consistency, when it comes to branding, breeds success.

Avoid making visible mistakes on social media.

The last point that sums up our list of costly mistakes you definitely don’t want to make in regards to branding is all about social media. It’s obvious that social media plays a significant role in carrying your brand forward. However, it’s a resource that we definitely have to be careful with when branding your business. Two points related to social media that you have to be particularly aware of are, arguments that customers have and the reason they are straying from your brand.

Though each of these is very different points, each is crucial to consider and lead to mistakes that are not uncommon. You’ll want to make sure that you never pick a fight or have a public disagreement with a customer, prospect, or competition. This event can portray your business in a negative way and cause clients to associate something negative with your brand. In regards to straying from your brand, you’ll want to make sure you don’t post anything that is not in the guidelines that you have laid out.

Believe it or not, each of these mistakes are common. Many businesses have been faced with challenges that were brought on because of mishaps that occurred during the branding process for your business.

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Comment by Oliver Harvey on August 24, 2019 at 7:40am

Profitable online business is my dream, I know it's hard and there are many things to consider that's why I am not ready yet to start up own one. Frankly speaking, nowadays the internet is full of money-making opportunities. Everyone can find freelance sites and start earning good money.


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