If you have a business that is dependent on patronage from local resident then Local SEO is important for your business. Local SEO is a branch of SEO that is focused on helping people resident in the same location as your business to find you.

Over the course of 2016, the number of people shopping online or looking for items online before heading off to a local store will keep pace with growth trends from previous years. In 2014, Google said that more than half of consumers visit a store on the same day they run a local search. This percentage would have grown over the last few years highlighting why you should embrace Local SEO. This piece takes a look at tips that will guide you.

Embrace mobile friendliness

Responsive website designs are now a must for any business. “More people are running searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers worldwide” .“Google has equally made mobile friendliness a ranking factor. Ensuring that your site is mobile friendly is therefore a way to increase conversions and generate more revenue. Your move this year should be to ensure a pleasurable mobile experience for all your prospective customers and reward old ones with mobile-only deals and promotions”. - Chandler from Moxie SEO Agency in Texas

Focus on voice search

The proliferation of mobile has also led to a rise in voice search. More smartphone users are relying on voice search to find things online instead of searching conventionally on browsers. This has grown in popularity because voice search helps in multi-tasking and it is easier to speak search terms than type them out. You should ensure your business moves along with this shift by incorporating voice-search friendly keywords into your content s... You equally need to target follow up questions to cover all ends.

Embrace Direct Data

Direct data refers to the granular details that can be found on business listings in search engine data. Companies that provide such data get higher placement in search engines than those that ignore. Data you are expected to provide include pricing, phone, location, closing hours etc. When prospective clients search for businesses such as yours, they will be able to quickly see how to contact you and other such details at a glance, thereby increasing the possibility of visiting your business.

Embrace Social Media Presence

Your local clients are on social media. Ensuring adequate social media presence is a way to keep in touch with them while attracting new ones. Social media users talk about day to day activities so it is only natural for them to run a search for local solutions to any problems. If you are a restaurant in London that offers oriental takeaways, you want your target audience to be able to find your business when they type in “oriental takeaway restaurants in London” into Twitter’s search bar for example. How will they find you? Twitter Bio, latest posts and responses to customer queries will point them to your business.

Offer a great all round experience

The best thing you can do for your local SEO campaign is to offer a stellar service from your website down to your local storefront. It is not rocket science. Customers that are happy will bring repeat business and in some cases, will spread the word about your brand. Positive remarks about your brand online will increase credibility and spread awareness as well. In the next few years nearly 90% of businesses will only compete on customer experience . You need to ensure you are well ahead of the curve at all times!

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Comment by Andrew Grant on June 8, 2016 at 2:10am
These Seo tips and tricks are very important for me. I have my own WP eCommerce website built on a template taken from http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php website. Now I'm looking for some Seo techniques to implement on my website.


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