5 Team Management Hacks for SMB Owners

In a small business, the owner is often also the manager, the CEO and the overall leading spirit. Your people will look to you for inspiration and guidance, and you will be the one making all the most important decisions.

This is why you need to be a very good manager – and know how to inspire your team to give it their best, even when they don’t quite feel like it. You will need to know when to be tough and when to be a friend, yet never lose the respect and trust of your people in the process.

Here are a few hacks to help you run your small team successfully, and help it grow and prosper into a much larger one:

Team Goals vs. Individual Goals

Your team will work better if you are all working towards the same goal, as opposed to working on individual objectives. In reality, you are all aiming to grow the company and bring in more revenue – but if you segment this down so much that everyone feels they are working on a part and not the whole, team spirit and motivation will not thrive.

Set team goals you are all working on – with individual tasks. See what I did there?

This will help all of you know what the end zone is, and what each of you is doing to get there.

Consistency vs. Leniency

All of your team members need to be treated the same. Even if you like a person more, know them better, or simply find them to be a better employee – you need to keep you standards at the same level for everyone.

Establishing a system of rewards everyone is aware of will do a lot to boost productivity – if your people know they will be rewarded with something for doing a good job, they will be more prepared to give it their best shot.

The rewards don’t necessarily need to include pay raises and promotions. In a small team, these can be hard to come by, so a cupcake, a lunch, movie tickets, a personalized mug, or anything that reflects who you are as a team and a company will be a good initial choice.

Team Events vs. Individual Events

And while rewarding individuals for their good work is great – you also need to reward the entire team.

Team building does not have to be boring though. You can of course do the usual stuff, like escape rooms and movie nights. But you can also take things up a notch once a year, and take your team to a different city for a special team building event. We highly recommend Prague, as it is a city rich both in history and activity, the food scene is amazing, and you will surely find something everyone will want to do. Companies like Prague Eventery can help you put together a memorable event as well.

You vs. Them

The thing you need to remember is that people are looking up to you – so you need to be ready to show your best work at all times. You need to be just as committed as everyone else – ever more so.

If you don’t work hard, but expect everyone else to do so, you will not be inspiring much loyalty and productivity. When the going gets tough, stay with your troops, and make sure they know you are in it with them.

Bad vs. Good Ideas

Good ideas are born out of bad ones. You can’t just expect someone to come up with the perfect plan for something right off the bat. You need to be able to brainstorm and come up with the bad stuff, to get to the good stuff.

Encourage your team to talk openly about everything, and don’t shoot bad ideas down. That will only discourage people to speak about the thoughts they are having, and that will not result in progress. Have meetings where you are free to shoot bad ideas around, and you will soon flesh out the best ones.

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