5 things every Magento website owner should know about mobile commerce

Magento is revered as one of the prominent enterprise-class eCommerce platform that handles more than $100 billion gross merchandise volume, every year. It is estimated that it is chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses.

Magento offers an exclusive suite of tools to render great control of the functionality, look and feel of your website, thereby offering one of the finest online shopping experiences to your clients. Underneath this lies an extensive range of analytical options, offering a thorough insight into the clients to help generate high ROI and onlidsfne revenue.

With the adequate tools to attract the customers, engage shoppers and get the conversions. Undoubtedly, Magento is The King of all eCommerce Platforms.

The m-commerce can be revered as a retail outlet in your customer’s pocket. It is not different than eCommerce rather it is a specified sub-group that involves a use of handheld devices like tablets and mobiles instead of regular laptops or computers.

While mobile commerce has become a buzzword, Magento was one of the first responders to the call. They have announced the Magento Mobile extension for offering highly exclusive, never a kind shopping experience. Now, one can easily get a native app for your store, thanks to Mobile commerce.

With Magento Mobile, a user can easily hire magento 2 developer to develop the storefront application that is integrated with Magento platform. Let’s understand key Magento mobile features:

  • Storefront Integration- As a new admin of the Magento Mobile, you will be able to amalgamate your mobile commerce with Magento eCommerce channel. Also, you’ll be able to integrate the store’s catalog, inventory, reporting, etc. 

  • Free and Easy submission - Magento team works as your personal manager and toil hard to support the life cycle and manage all your subscription for low monthly charges. Thereby enabling you to focus more on your business

  • Customizable - Ability to customize is the lifeline of every business. Magento mobile offers a wide scope to customize your application. Just by mere few clicks, a user can easily change the look and feel of their application.

  • Single Installation for Multiple devices - Installing Magento Mobile once enables you to use it for a number of devices including both iPhones and Android smartphones.

  • ROI Delivered - Magento’s reasonable, yet effective solutions enable you to offer industry leading mobile experience to the customers. Just pay for the features and device, let Magento handle ongoing maintenance of your application. 

  • Enhanced Client relationship - Smartphones and tablets are the great ways to communicate and maintain relations with your target audience and potential customers. From persistent native experiences to geo-targeted push notifications, Mobile apps offer new horizons for extensive business growth and better customer relationship.  

It is expected that the M-commerce will continue to rise in the coming years. According to data from the comScore and U.S. Census Bureau the e-commerce has grown to become a major portion of entire retail sales of the U.S. In the year 2014, m-commerce made up 11.6% of the total $303 billion U.S. e-commerce. Business Insider used this data to conduct a research to forecast that m-commerce will conquer 45% of the entire U.S. e-commerce market, or $284 billion users by 2020.


With this report, it is pretty much evident that mobile commerce has become an integral part of any magento website development company. However, in case you still disagree with my statement, here are the 5 top facts every Magento website owner should know about the mobile commerce.

Mobile-friendly Websites Drive Customers

With ever-growing mobile internet users, the mobile friendly website is must. A Google study revealed that a mobile friendliness works as a catalyst in triggering the purchase decisions. More than 67% agreed to the fact that a mobile-friendly website compels them to use a service or buy a product. On the other hand, 61% indicated that a Mobile -Unfriendly experience made them to leave a website. Apart from that, it also hurts the brand image of a company. 52% agreed that lack of mobile-friendliness made them less likely engage with the company. A Whooping 48 % of the users felt that the company didn’t care about its business.

 Increased mobile commerce sales

When it is about the actual transaction amount, the numbers look amazing. Paypal alone processed mobile transactions worth $27 billion in the year 2013, whilst Alipay exceeded more than that. It is believed that Alipay exceeded mobile transaction worth $150 billion during the same time period. Mobile commerce is expected to have an exponential growth.  Also, it is believed that by end of 2017, US customers’ mobile engagement behavior will drive 50% mobile commerce revenue of total US digital commerce revenue.

Mobile Devices Dominate

According to a report by Pew Internet and American Life Project, 9 out of 10 American adults carry a handheld device. 55% of the adults hold a smartphone whereas 42 % owns a tablet. Apple devices account for a majority of the eCommerce web traffic in the US. Not surprisingly, 89.28% of tablet shopping takes place through an iPad. Simply put more than half of the population has the ability to make an eCommerce purchase from, almost anywhere. By the end of 2017, it is expected that mobile shopping will increase globally and the companies will have enhanced revenue by at least 50%.

Promote your products better

A mobile app lets you promote all your products in a better and streamlined way. A website you cannot promote each and every product of yours. A dedicated app will enable you to promote your products on the basis of set categories. By doing this, the chances of getting your product noticed and ultimately purchased is on the higher side.

And increased traditional sales too

Even if you own a traditional family-owned retail store, you can still benefit from your smartphones, whether it is through a native app or a responsive website. You can offer deals and coupons to your loyal customers by which they can pay less for their meals, drinks or anything they purchase through their mobile device.

Starbucks is a perfect example of retail store profiting through a mobile app. Let alone in the year 2013, Starbucks conducted $1 billion in mobile transactions. Thanks to their dedicated mobile app, that enables the users to pay for their coffees and reload the loyalty points.

Showrooming, an act of browsing the retail store shelves using one’s smartphone to avail better deals online, is often seen as a problem. According to a report from Nielson, during 2015, 72% of US mobile shoppers used a smartphone to research an item before making a purchase. US retail mcommerce sales are expected to reach to $34.63 billion in 2018.

Lastly, as per reports, 53% of smartphone and tablet owners will shop on company-specific apps downloaded from an app store. 


The above data is only set to rise, as growth of mobile commerce is surpassing traditional ecommerce by 200%. It is the best time to harness ecommerce solutions by giving unmatched experience to your customers via their handheld devices. The number of smartphone and tablet owners is reaffirming the importance of making their Magento portals optimized for mobile shoppers 

That’s all, If you have any further questions about mobile commerce or if need any help from eCommerce website design company , contact us now for free consultation

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