5 Things Smart Spa Owners Do to Retain Their Clients

Running a successful salon or spa is not just about offering the best services possible, but also providing top-notch customer service. Going the extra mile to make clients feel comfortable and pampered boosts repeat business.

The following tips will get you on your way to retaining a regular customer list for your salon or spa.

1. Give clients a little TLC

People can get their hair cut at any strip mall. They seek out a high-end salon or spa for the service. Have snacks and drinks available and offer warm shoulder compresses while clients wait for their appointments. By the time they sit down in the styling chair, they’ll be fully relaxed and ready for their service.

2. Offer maintenance tips

After every haircut, provide a few simple tips for maintaining the look at home, such as styling advice and product recommendations. Be sure to tailor your tips to specific clients. For example, a client with long, straight hair may not benefit from the same products as a client with short, curly hair.

3. Host VIP events

Hold a VIP event in which most loyal or top-spending clientele have the opportunity to explore varying salon services for free. Record customer testimonials during the event to gain further exposure for your business.

4. Keep your products well stocked

From the best brands to cutting edge beauty technology, keep your salon or spa well stocked. Consider cultivating partnerships with product manufacturers so you’ll receive new products as soon as they’re available. Whenever possible, carry products that clients can’t buy at drugstores or competing salons to give them a reason to come back to your location.

5. Be open to constructive feedback

Provide a customer feedback form when clients finish an appointment that inquires about the entire experience. Even when the client is satisfied with the service she received, there are other aspects of the salon visit that may need improving upon, such as offering a smile at the front desk or serving a better brand of coffee.

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