5 Things that Make Employees More Valuable for Your Organization

If you own a business or run a company that has multiple employees, it is not only your job to take this company in the right direction but it is also your duty to make your employees become the best of what they can be. Whether you are operating a small-time business or a major enterprise, the CEO of the company should be a leader by choice and not just set a good example for the employees but also influence them to be like him or her. Here are things that you can do to make employees more valuable to your organization.

 Be Punctual


It is the plague of every employee to wake up early in the morning and get things done at the very first hour after waking up. This is why people end up cramming when they get to the office because they are running out of time before things get started. As the leader of the company, you must make sure you are ahead of everyone else by waking up 30 minutes earlier every day, wear women’s boxing gloves and hit the punching bags to warm you up before you start your day. This way, you are energized when you get into the office and employees will notice this about you.

Never Run Out of Ideas


The company is running because of your ideas, although your employees can help you in this department, but you should have a backlog of ideas that you can rely on to keep the company relevant in case objectives change along the way. However, you need to keep in mind that you have to be open for suggestions from your employees. This way, your employees will become thinkers and not just plain followers.


Change is Constant


Change is inevitable in any company or organization. Even though you already have established a system that your company follows, it is bound to change every now and then due to market situations and economical shifts. This is why you need to educate your employees to embrace change instead of being afraid of it. They need to adapt to new environments and this is how they will stand out among their colleagues.


Master Office Politics


Even if you are not the type of person who likes to deal with politics then you have to if you are a part of a company or organization. Playing office or bureaucratic politics the right way can let you move up the corporate ladder. You do not really have to resort to “crab mentality” just to make sure you are in a safe place because all you have to do is to become transparent and stay true to the company’s objectives and share that common goal with your co-workers and you would be fine.


Honesty is the Best Policy


If the company is enjoying success, then announce it to the employees to let them feel that there is something worth celebrating for and that they are doing right in their respective work. However, if the company is facing some crisis then you should not sugarcoat the situation to your employees and say that everything is just fine. You have to be honest about the situation, but make sure that you are everything under your power to keep things under control. Your poise during tough times is what makes employees be impressed by you as their leader.


By setting a good example to your employees, you do not only set standards for them to follow, but you also influence them to become better in the position that they are in. Just like you, these employees also have dreams for themselves and do not think of them as a threat to you but rather gems of your company.

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