5 Tips for Improving the Looks and Lifespan of your Office Carpet

Most business owners often overlook commercial carpets due to the belief that they are hard to maintain. To some extent, they may be justified because carpets are exposed to wear, mildew, and bad odor. However, one cannot disregard the fact that carpets offer lower maintenance than most flooring options in the industry. They are also aesthetic and help absorb dust and bacteria that reside in industrial environments.


To get all these benefits, you have to maintain your carpet by cleaning it regularly. Here are five maintenance and cleaning tips that will improve the lifespan of your office carpet.


1. Professional Cleaning


The usual vacuuming may not always remove grime and tough stains. Commercial carpets absorb dust and bacteria carried by the shoe soles of employees and clients. The absorbed dirt and grime can get ingrained deep within the carpet fiber over time. This not only causes a sanitary hazard but also increases the rate of wear and tear of the rug.


Therefore, it is important to adopt a regular carpet cleaning routine with the help of a professional carpet cleaner. Cleaning your carpet professionally twice or thrice a year can go a long way in eliminating tough stains and bacteria. Take into account the seasonal usage trends to tweak the cleaning regimen accordingly. For instance, the winter may require special cleaning to avoid mildew issues.


2. Vacuum Frequently


Commercial buildings often experience a lot of traffic, meaning more shoes and dirt on your carpet. Failure to vacuum for several consecutive days will most likely cause a serious dirt build-up. Therefore, you need to increase your vacuuming frequency to five or six times a week. High traffic lanes such as hallways may require daily cleaning.


When vacuuming, use four to six passes in areas of the carpet that experience high traffic. The areas that aren't used regularly could use two to three passes per cleaning.


3. Clean Spots and Spills


Even though most carpet providers offer stain warranties on their products, you still need to clean up spills and spots on your carpet. When a spot stays in the carpet fabric for a long time, it will get oxidized into a permanent stain. Most carpet warranties come with stain removal charts that provide specific ways of stain removal. Look for the approved products that will not destroy the fabric of your office carpet.


Carpets are rather delicate to most bleachers. Therefore, blot the stained spot gently without scrubbing. You can use a natural carpet cleaner such as vinegar to remove tough stains.


4. Use Entry Mats


Most people use the no shoe policy to keep dirt off the carpet. However, this may not be a practical solution in a business setup owing to a large number of employees and clients that stream into the office daily. Entry mats can help cut down the amount of dirt coming into your office. Therefore, place mats in all entry point to your business premises. That includes the transitional areas where the carpet meets the bare floor.


5. Carpet Grooming


Carpet grooming involves using a rake or a carpet brush to comb through the carpet fiber back and forth. Raking resets the fiber naps of the carpet back to their default position. When raking is done after a deep cleaning exercise, the carpet will dry a lot faster. Raking also loosens up soil and dirt deposits on the carpet. In addition to that, it removes foreign fiber and hair that may have intertwined with the fabric. It, therefore, eases the cleaning of grit that typically accelerates wear and tear.


Carpet grooming keeps the carpet fibers from matting down. This helps to prevent traffic patterns from forming on your office carpet. Vacuuming often leaves lines on the carpets, which may reduce the visual appeal of the rug. Carpet grooming provides a solution to this problem.


When properly maintained, commercial carpets can be very durable. Therefore, you need to adopt proper cleaning and maintenance strategies to keep them clean, neat, and healthy throughout their lifespan.

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Comment by Marie Beckham on October 17, 2017 at 4:19am

We do not use the entry mats, still, with the help of other tricks mentioned above everything looks well.


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