5 Tips to Create a Perfect Hashtag for Your Event

Events are held all around the year and distinguishing your event is almost impossible in the world full of buzz. The hashtag is known to everyone – if you don’t either you are living in a stone age or just away from technology and social media.

Event hashtag is a powerful tool to centralize your discussion online on one platform. Without people struggling hard to find your event, your hashtag is one thing that can connect them. If you are new to event management, creating a hashtag might confuse you, as what to choose and how to choose. Especially when it comes to handling multiple social media accounts, you might feel troubled.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at how to create a hashtag for an event.

Determine your Target Audience

Before you pick the hashtag, you need to make sure whether your audience uses the hashtag. For this purpose, you need to determine your target audience and find out how savvy they are on social media.

If your audience belongs to a certain demographic where Instagram is more popular than Twitter, make sure to utilize it accordingly. Moreover, people aged between 18 to 40 years are more likely to use the hashtag as a mean to interact with the community.

Do Some Brainstorming

If you want to create a hashtag, make sure that it is unique and not used by anyone else. Come up with as many ideas as possible, even if they aren’t unique. You might come up with the combination of hashtags that is unique and relevant. Make sure that it should be simple, easy to remember and related to certain features of the event.

Use keywords related to your business and don’t use hashtags unnecessarily. It should make some sense. Don’t let the people interpret something not related to your event or business. For instance, if you are holding a tech event focused on introducing certain app, your hashtag should be like #appnameYourCompany

Search for Hashtag

After you have successfully brainstormed hashtags, now it is time to do some search. As discussed above, your hashtag should be unique, relevant and easy to remember. The purpose of the hashtag is to organize your event on social media. If someone else has already used it, pick other one and search for it. By doing so you will come up with many unique hashtags from which you have to pick the best one.

Use Hashtag to Promote Your Event

Promoting your event before it takes place can help you engage as many attendees as possible. Create a buzz around your hashtag and encourage the audience to use it in their post. If possible, post some videos about your event with the hashtag, as videos can prove to be a powerful marketing tool.

When the event is taking place, you need to use hashtag more than you have used previously. You can also include it on posters and signs with your social media handle at the event. It can be placed everywhere including parking lots, brochures, event app and bars.

Engage with Hashtag Users

The purpose of the hashtag is not only to get your event viral but also to communicate with those who are interested. Comment, like the posts of people using your hashtag, and applaud them with some gestures and emoji.

After the completion of an event, ask the attendees to post their pictures with your hashtag. In order to motivate them to do so, you can announce some kind of gift hamper that would surely encourage them.


The hashtag is an effective marketing tool to help you grow your audience and interact with them on one platform. If you are not using the hashtag, you will definitely be lost in the buzz of posts and never-ending social media activities. By following the above tips, you will certainly attract a huge audience. Even if they are not interested in coming to your event, they will certainly act as a word of mouth.

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