5 Trustworthy CMS for Online Retailers to Skyrocket Their eCommerce Website

A content management system or CMS is a software or an online platform which allows an online business or website owners to create, edit, manage and maintain website pages on a single interface. CMS has eased the overall work for the companies and let them build sites for themselves and their clients. CMS carries the ability to streamline web design and content publishing for an online business or website.

The major benefits of using a CMS for your business include:

  • Sometimes deciding upon the right font, design, and layout takes an immense amount of time. With a content management system, you can make sure that you do not waste time on one singular aspect more than it is required. Many CMS offers templates which take care of most of the things.

  • This also establishes a fact that a CMS helps you build pages and sites in half the time it takes to build them from scratch. The time that you save from design and development, you can spend that time publishing fresh content and optimizing pages.

  • Again, with the use of a CMS, you can design the website with a specific strategy in mind. Even before you begin on development, you can develop a content marketing strategy based on data about your traffic, leads and sales.

Here are 5 of the best Content Management Systems for you to develop a solid website

One of the most popular and a more user-friendly CMS, Joomla is a better choice for building basic websites and advanced web applications. Joomla has been structured in a mobile and search-engine friendly manner and is multilingual, flexible, and extensible. You will have thousands of third-party extensions and templates for any customization.

Magento Open Source
Previously it was known as Magento Community Edition, is one of the most popular eCommerce CMS. You will find that the admin panel includes marketing, search engine optimization, and product management tools. Also, Magento has an amazing marketplace with literally tons of features at your disposal. Categories include customer support, payments and security, shipping and fulfilment, site optimization, and more.

A free, open-source CMS that has been written in PHP providing unique offerings as well as a completely customizable platform. The platform has a flexible content architecture, easy content authoring, a wide ecosystem of integrations, an active community to ensure security, and more.

WordPress dates as far back as 2003 as a basic blogging platform. And today, WordPress is one of the most agile, matured content management system, built on PHP and MySQL and running a large majority of the websites across the globe.

A visual canvas-based platform where you can build custom blogs, eCommerce stores, and other websites. They also provide you with the option to translate your design into clean, semantic code which can be published directly or handed over to developers for further enhancements. You can also design a checkout experience matching the rest of your store.

eCommerce provides business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with a vast platform where they can reach an unprecedented majority of the audience, required they utilize the right skills and tools available. The world of web and mobile app development is intertwined and opens doors to opportunities previously unimaginable.

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