5 Visual Media Contents That Drive Business Leads and Boost Sales Conversions

In this digital age, contents play a major role in driving business leads to a company, be it a small agency or a large business house. Contents naturally attract target audience from multiple sources which ultimately create many business opportunities.

These contents not only bring traffic from different social media platforms, but these also help in getting better search engine rankings. Marketers and business owners cannot presume the most valuable source of traffic. They need to cater their contents in different shapes and sizes to a different set of audiences. This not only amplifies their visibility but also attracts traffic from diversified sources.

When text contents like blog posts, articles, and press releases are the backbone of any business there are a few other types of visual contents which add on great values to a business. In general, visual contents create more impacts than text written contents. As a part of content marketing strategy, investing in creating any type of visual media contents return in high ROI. This can be experienced in terms of high-quality referral and organic traffic flow to the website. Conversion of this highly targeted traffic is reasonably easier than converting a few irrelevant visitors.

Here we are going to discuss how a business can utilize these media contents to grow their businesses over time.

High-Quality Imageries are Powerful

Everyone knows that images are more appealing than simple texts. Not only this, but images have several other benefits too. But many a time, businesses and marketers either don’t use these or use those photos which are already used earlier. This creates lots of difficulties for those businesses later on. Additionally, this shortcut method makes them miss many business opportunities which were otherwise possible to tap.

One common error can be seen in many social media sites, that multiple businesses are using the same imageries on their social media posts. This creates a bad user experience as well as leaves a poor impression on the brand.

Instead of using other websites’ images on your site and social media posts, invest in creating and taking images by yourself or your team. These in-house created images should be unique and attractive. Additionally, this should convey a message related to your contents and posts.

Otherwise, if you don’t have great designers with you, there are plenty of online image editing tools available on the internet which can be learned and used at ease.

GIF is a type of image which helps in seizing the attention of your audience. Unique and meaningful GIFs will keep your site visitors engaged. This improves your website’s dwell time and user experience. Consequently, you will experience increased organic traffic to the site.

Having attractive and appealing imageries is not going to be enough unless you know how to market those for your business. Simply by sharing those custom-designed photos on multiple social media platforms can direct many visitors to your website. Additionally, use other image hosting platforms like Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram to showcase imageries to a larger audience.

Videos are Lead Magnets

Videos are traditionally powerful tools for businesses to attract and close deals. In today’s internet age these are even more crucial for a company. Unfortunately, small companies fail to understand the long-term benefits of video marketing. They use to push this in a never-ending queue because of its production costs. But they don’t realize that there are a few types of videos which don’t require a high production budget.

Additionally, there are a few types of businesses which already own a full stack of videos which they don’t know how to utilize. If you own a tourism, fashion, or interior decoration business, you might have many high-quality unique videos which could have been used as lead magnets.

Besides, if you are running a software, or marketing, or HR, or finance, or an educational company then you can create how-to videos of your online products, tools, assets, courses etc. These can be produced with the help of screen recording tools like Camtasia or OBS.

When you have a decent marketing budget you can make use of the explainer and animated videos. These work the best to spread awareness and tap new clients and customers.

If you are a seasoned leader in your industry, you can individually host live videos as talk-shows or webinars to answer questions of your audiences. You may also team up with a few of your industry authorities and host a live video to mutually benefit each other. There are no limits but you need to explore different ideas and tools to get your job done without breaking your budget.

Afterward, you need to know how you can market and promote your videos to generate more sales. YouTube alone can send an abundance of traffic to your site if you consistently host great contents there. Other than YouTube, there are several video publishing sites, like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Meta Café etc. which should be used as well.

Social media audiences love video contents more than simple text-based posts. They are most likely to interact and engage with video contents more frequently than any other form of social media contents. Publishing your videos on these social media channels can bring a huge volume of traffic to the website. Additionally, this also builds up a strong brand over time.

Invest in Infographics

This is another form of visual contents that have been used by many marketers in recent years. Infographics are more powerful medium than static imageries. These not only attract lots of traffic but also emphasize the brand’s visibility.

Marketers have started using infographics to design and represent complex data and stories which attract inbound links from authoritative websites. This is one of the modern and white-hat link building techniques which earns a ton of backlinks naturally. An interactive infographic like this can draw a lot of attention and attract links which will boost the organic rankings as well as the brand’s visibility.

There are different types of infographics companies can use to propel its content marketing. Visualized articles, flowchart, timeline, data maps, and photo infographics drive the best results.

Infographics can be designed in-house or using online tools like PikToChart, Venngage, Canva etc.

There are ample of websites where you can submit and distribute your infographics to interact with a larger audience which was otherwise not reachable. Bloggers would love to publish a unique visual infographic on a related topic on their blog posts. Therefore, outreaching targeted bloggers with your innovative infographic designs can result in many new backlinks and increased referral traffic. Additionally, social media should also be used to reveal your newly created infographic which can increase the social traffic flow to the website.

SlideShows are Old but Effective

Slideshows are comparatively less used by internet marketers. But similar to videos, slideshow contents are powerful and can get numerous business leads to the company.

Only Linkedin SlideShare has 70 million professionals who rely on it to learn new things effortlessly and quickly. This is a great tool to start presenting your new SlideShows and engage with targeted audience.

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most known slideshow making tools. But other than this you can use a few online tools to create your slide presentations easily. With the help of these tools, you can design a professional slideshow which you can distribute on the internet to tap new clients and customers. It’s easy and simple but needs innovative designs and creativity.

Podcasts Build Authority

Though podcasts are not exactly visual contents these can be used as authority builder and lead generation assets.

Podcasts are the audio files available on the internet to listen and download. Most of the time, these are created by individual podcasters and big brands to voice their opinions and tips, and subsequently, reach more audiences. But a small business owner can also explore podcasts to grow their traffic, improve brands’ visibility, and build a loyal listener base.

The great thing about podcasts is that you don’t have to come in front of the camera. So if you are a camera shy person, podcasts are great tools for you to present your knowledge and opinion to a comparatively new but large audience base. Additionally, maybe your competitors are still not using podcasts to amplify their brands’ visibility. So it’s a clear win for you.

There are many podcast hosting sites where you can release your podcasts related to your business and industry. Doing this consistently over a long period of time can bring lots of targeted traffic to your website and generate many new sales.


These visual media contents are powerful tools out there. Therefore, as a marketer or business owner, it’s your job to equip yourself and your team with the skills and tools required for planning, designing, producing, and promoting media files.

Similar to blog posts, marketing these visual media files also take an initial time to get the results. But over a period of time, these are going to be profitable for all businesses.

Remember, you have only 8 seconds to attract your online audience. In our marketing process, we used these multimedia contents to promote our digital marketing courses. This helped us attaining an all-time high conversion rate and ROI. Therefore, there could be nothing better than these visual multimedia contents to draw the attention of your customers and clients.

Soumya Roy is the Founder & CEO of PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy. He is a veteran digital marketer and search engine specialist with over 11 years of experience. Soumya is also the lead digital marketing & SEO trainer at PromozSEO. He enjoys writing contents on topics related to digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, branding, small businesses and many more.

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